10 morning routines of an entrepreneur just trying to make it out of the door.

The other day I was scrolling down on my news feed when I came accross another one of these articles that tells you all about the secret to be a successful entrepreneur. One obsession lately in all these tips lists is the morning routine. This time, I couldn’t avoid laughting out loud while reading it. Am I not disciplined or driven by motivation and success? Am I not organized? What was so funny about these healthy and great tips of a morning routine?
It just felt like they were talking to a life once lived that can no longer even be imagined. Yes, that past life of a single person, living alone, with no young child to raise, which means a totally irrealistic life as I can’t think either to live without my loves. I was laughthing because I was craving the authenticity of a grownup life. How about reading non edited or unfiltered life tips on what is defined as a successful entrepreneur?
Last night for example my sweet 32 months girl refused to put a diaper on for sleep. I trust her choices, I want to encourage her self determination at all time and I am totally ready to get rid of diapers, so I let her sleep without a diaper. It already happened before occasionally and she was totally fine sleeping throught the night. Last night, it was a little different we woke up twice, having to change everything and wash while still both asleep, we laughted about it. Was last night a unique event? Yes. Do we have unique events often, oh yes. We generally sleep well but she wakes up at least once in the night because This morning we woke up slow and not at 7 but rather when my alarm rang : 8:00am. We laughted again about what happened at night, then pursued our cuddling. Our morning routine includes cuddles in bed, announcing program of the day, playing, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and a lot of negotiating (when it comes to choosing outfits, brushing hair, or eating) before walking (or running) to school while pushing the stroller and saying to palm tree (currently leaving in our North African home). My morning routines are maybe not as clean as the “ideal sucessful entrepreneur defines it” but they are both stressful and awesome they even includes entrepreneur 101 live practice such as crisis management skills, scheduling, severe negotiating, all before I even start talking to any other adults.

Two years ago, I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to be in alignement with my values of motherhood, education, & independance. I wanted to be a mother that is present in the education of my daughter and manage my time and ressources according to my agenda and not someones’ elses. This is how we get to travel the world together and live of a suitcase each. Today, as she is 2 years and 8 months and she speaks 3 languages and can sing in five. I am very proud of this accomplishment as it is the fruit of my methodology imprinted with my anthropological and linguistic academic background. She has also acquired travels’ routine, geography sense, love for art, music & dance, translation concept, eating at restaurants, or growing friendship. Today, this is how I what defines me as a successful entrepreneur. I am succeeding in the mission I gave myself which is to prioritize family, wellbeing, sacred friendship & adventures. Being a free-spirited entrepreneur is what allows that to manifest in my life.
Of course, this comes with some morning stress but it’s balanced with a whole load of fun. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love everything about these new life routines and this is what I signed up for when I decided to be an entrepreneur and a mother. So here are some of my morning tips for you fierce & loved mama:

  1. Sleep as much as you can as the night was short and wake up with the sweet face of your little one.
  2. Do a 10–15 minutes mom and baby yoga routine.
  3. Shower and prepare breakfast alternatively with your partner & feed the little one. Focus on teaching your child to have healthy habits and make sure you eat to, show by example. Warning : don’t warm your coffee more than twice after it gets really disgusting. Tips addendum: feeding your toddler breakfast could be a very challeging step in the morning routine you can try while inventing a song, running around the house because they prefer to play, or even while making some morning dance moves.
  4. Getting you toddler dressed, washed & brushing hair without too much drama. Celebrate your victory with a sip of -already too cold- coffee.
  5. Seat in the bathroom with them patiently while they learn to navigate the potty. You could use this time to focus and breath (and recover from the breakfast sprint).
  6. Prepare snacks together to get your child exited about what she will have later.
  7. Get dressed, please brush your hair if you can, you can also put some make up on to hide the lack of sleep. Make sure you look good for yourself.

You are already late so hurry up a little

8. Get your second morning exercice while pushing the stroller to school.

9. Survive the heartbreak of your baby having a melt down while approaching the school door. Tips addendum: Now is a good time to use your calming meditation skills and to get a nice and big hug to keep you focused for the day.

10. Follow up with a walking meditation and breathing exercice for three minutes.

Now off to learn from the world and work on your business of the day before being reunited with your best teacher.