Our Perfect Place

Our solar system, nine planets revolving around the sun, Pluto included, like a clock, has the right number of planets, at the right distance, orbiting the right kind of star. Our sun is a perfect star, stable, and probably, this may not be a coincidence for us to be here. Just as well, we are probably not the only ones in this huge universe. Does this makes us extraordinary or perfectly normal to the eyes of the world?

It may be a matter of time to find out that we are not alone in this giant universe. Just think. There are billions of stars in our galaxy — the Milky Way. One of these stars is our sun. Planets and moons are orbiting around the sun, a precious system that has led quite many astronomers to seek for answers and lots of people to dream: there are other systems like ours that support life, how do we know it?

The Milky Way has billions of stars and many of them have their own planetary system — everything already discovered and put into a cataloged. In fact, astronomers have not discovered yet or even, they have not disseminated a solar system so perfect like ours.

Each solar system is unique, but with a one feature in common: the central star. Each star has a great power of creation, a huge amount of light and heat, and at the explosion, when it dies, it releases the basic material of everything in our universe, we included, like hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, iron.

Our central star, the sun, is about 94 million miles (approximately 150 million km) distant from Earth, and it is relatively small, when compared with the giant stars found in our universe. Its light takes eight minutes to reach us. Our galaxy is not the only one, as it was thought until very recently. But, many others, unique, enormous and dynamic. Where do the galaxies come from, what is their future and how do they die? Our Milky Way is a giant spiral disc, with a collection of stars created by Mother Nature. According to the astronomers, gravity is necessary to put them together, and forming a galaxy. Gravity shapes a galaxy, and gravity is the one to control their future.

There is a powerful force inside the galaxies, a black hole, which is pure energy. However, there is still many things on the galaxies that we do not know, for example, on how do they get to the current format? Has our Milky Way always been a beautiful spiral?

Galaxies are isolated because they are very far from each other. Our nearest neighbor galaxy is the shiny and immense Andromeda. Additionally, there are many more. All this make us realize that we are part of something vast, of a universe full of galaxies, stars, planets and possibilities.

We are in the perfect place of our galaxy, not so close to the radioactive core or so far in the complete darkness. Interestingly, this “perfect place” may have many other solar systems like ours and, therefore, support life. Many unanswered questions and mysteries to be solved. Today, our solar system seems stable. However, the stability is an illusion in the cosmos. We are always with the possibility of an asteroid to reach the Earth. We are lucky for having the planet Jupiter. Jupiter’s gravity is so strong and it is at the right place in our solar system that many cosmic objects that could hit the Earth, end by just stopping around there.

Lucky we are that the Earth is at the perfect place. Jupiter protects us from asteroids and comets. We are near the sun enough to have water in its liquid state, but not so near to a boil. It is the right combination for life. However, nothing lasts forever, not even a perfect solar system like ours. Exactly for this reason, we need to celebrate our brief moment in the sun. It is not worth to discuss here or defend beliefs, religions or philosophies. The purpose here is to remember that we are very lucky for living this moment so that we can better enjoy our lives.

Whatever time we have left in this life — or whether we have other lives, other dimensions or not — today it is possible and there are many things that we can do to be happy. Here and now. Our destiny may even be linked to the stars, but it is our daily decision that creates our future. If our life expectancy is 100 years, think on how many years you have already lived, and how many is left: how long are you going to wait to change what you have to change in your life? This is the best moment to be alive. Therefore, do your part and enjoy!