“I do not know” is one of the most powerful phrases I know in my life.
Sumit Gupta

Totally… “I don’t Know” is one of the most powerful statements in my own life and I suggest you use it too. “I don’t know” is in the magical place that become a portal to greater vision through deeper energetic presence. It is from here that something Fresh and New is born. Otherwise we are simply repeating the known… and life can become dull….

Open yourself up — tap into the universe — the unknown mysteries of life

When we say ‘I don’t know’ we generally open our arms up, become available to hook into the universal unknown. YEY.

My friend and I joke as we are driving along finding ourselves stuck in the mind…thinking without connection to the moment.

“Look at the buffalo” I say as we pass a field with a familiar buffalo in it.

“I know, I have seen it,” my friend replies.

“But look at it NOW.” I retort.

Ahhhh… Here is the difference. Can we drop I know and look at something (familiar) with fresh eyes? Or do we stick with the old belief (Know-ledge) that is embedded in the mind from the past, blinding us to clear vision now?

Dropping the “I know” is a key to mindfulness and living presence which is where the ENERGY of LIFE presides. A little child has a free flow of energy, (prana/chi) and everything they see is fresh and awesome.

As we sink more into the KNOWN life can lose it’s freshness and become repetitive and dull. A good scientist always starts with a hypothesis as a starting point for further investigation. Yet most of us fall into the “I know” like sheep stuck in a man-made matrix which keeps us dumb and dull.

So try it, say “I don’t know” more often and open life up for miraculous new ideas and possibilities. Don’t get stuck defending a ‘point of view’ that is old and perhaps outdated and often someone else’s point of view anyway.

Be curious live with a fresh mind born of the moment and drop the old ‘I know’ statement that stops further investigation, excitement and intrigue.