For our looks, we kill them.

Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.
- Albert Schweitzer

I love makeup you know and it’s hard when every beauty influencer is promoting different and wonderful products for their satisfaction, they benefit by getting load and loads of money by captioning a bunch of fancy adjectives and #ad, and boom! they’ve, made there months’ pay check. personally, I didn’t even know animal testing was still going on and what its actually means.

Most of the time we turn a blind eye and get frustrated when our Twitter feed is flooded with images of a harsh reality we don’t want to see. It is our ignorance that has caused the flood. The stream of images of numerous amounts of wounded caged animals that may resemble the trail of blood as the murdermatitcion throws out our “fluffy friends” to the trash. Let’s stop being such sensitive morons and actually put an end to the slaughter houses that create our glam looks, we may actually be able scroll peacefully.

The process to perfection!

our reaction , but do we do anything?

Approx. 200,000 Guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, rats and mice around the world die every year for our cosmetics. They endure many experiments every day that force them to be shaved and slathered with substances so that the lab guys can watch their skin as it shows signs of redness, rash, lesions, scaling, inflammation. Its horrific how that’s an easier experiment. Force feeding tubes pushed down their throats accompanied by clamps opening their mouths. This experiments leads to diarrhea, bleeding from the mouth, seizures, paralysis, and/or death, you know like just the normal every day experiment. These animals are born to be used then to die. Female animals are killed the day before they are due to give birth and her young are now ready to live a life just like their mother.

A bunch of words and descriptions accompanied with a few minutes of empathy and sympathy, off to the next article!

It’s crazy how we never actually try to change we acknowledge but we don’t explore. AN argument for social change is to allow yourself to no longer think of things as just an article but get involved and stop the issue and in our case, animal testing. We’ve got perfect vision but our minds are blind. This lush video exposes what we would be if we were them. fun fact! we actually are them, living things.

The Who, Why & Reform?

common fact no.1 — everything in china is cheaper, labor in particular.
common fact no.2 — legislation by law is enforceable and must be abide.

In china, there is a compulsory law that out lines that a cosmetic company that sells its products in main land china (excludes Hong Kong) to consumers that by law the company is subject to animal testing and must pay for the testing to be carried out in order to sell in mainland china. therefore, a company CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT say they are cruelty free because they are not.

Example — lush a well know 100% against animal testing beauty company sells in Hong Kong NOT IN main land china therefore it can pride itself in being cruelty free.

The Bad

Following on with Chinese regulations, a company can continue to say they are cruelty free BUT if they still sell in china there still paying for animal testing to happen. That’s the only way the products are able to sell there. we got to be strong as a community and not be manipulated by fancy words that confuse us. Benefit cosmetics, a 1980s-inspired brand has been blowing up recently as we know, beauty influencers across the world have been campaigning alongside them and their company.

There FAQ starts with how it doesn’t test on animals and its wonderful and are so against animal testing. and then their bravery kicks in and they mention china! and at this point your hopeful one of your fav brands are cruelty free butttttttttt then the magic show ends and you read this “imported cosmetics, the Chinese health authorities order some test on animals … require companies to make their products available” If you are against animal testing it means you should not fund for animal testing to happen no matter what part of the world you’re in.

Other companies that follow the devils footsteps are L’Oréal that own brands Kiehl’s, Maybelline, Lancôme. Estee Lauder is not cruelty free but it owns brands such as Too Faced cosmetics which is. An argument occurs here as in whether are not it is sufficient for consumers to purchase from too faced as There still giving money to a non-cruelty free company. Personally, I believe in order for us as a community to stop animal testing we should show the cooperation’s that the money is only in cruelty free makeup, so if we only buy from Too Faced and not Estée Lauder they will hopefully see the connection and stop completely.

Stay informed

We need animal testing to stop, its horrific and horrible. As a world, we’ve tested enough junk on animals to know what works or not. Its 2017 technology is on an all-time high were advanced and we know better. peta is a worldwide organization that exposes every part of the worlds terrible acts towards animals they have donation tabs and partitions to be signed. alongside cruelty free kitty allows makeup lovers like myself to navigate across over 1000 beauty brands to help ensure we are on the right track. Things are changing and we can change it. China will come to it senses eventually but it is up to us to advocate for the change.

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