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Sorcha Rowan
May 31 · 2 min read

She was slicing bananas while wearing nothing but a sleep shirt. One bear of little brain sharing how much he loved coffee.

I walked up behind her, grabbed her ass and kissed her neck.

Without turning or flinching, she tutted. “Good way for me to cut a finger.”

“You’re using a butter knife.” I kneel behind her and raise her skirt. Her ass is round and big. I spread the cheeks. Now I can get to the ruby lips hiding just above her thick thighs. The butter knife hits the counter and her legs spread for me. I inhale and the scent makes my own cunt clench.

I run my tongue through them. It requires burying my nose in her ass, but she’s just showered. She moans and clutches the counter. “Don’t. Want. Pancakes?”

“Honey first.” My words are muffled. I lick and suck, letting her cheeks embrace mine as I move one hand to her broad hip and the other between her legs to her clit.

She pushes against me and whimpers. “Coming up.”

When she came, it was enough to fill my mouth. Given the angle, it bathed my chin. I turned her around, holding her up. My thigh between her legs supported her. “Clean my face, dear.”

Trembling, legs quivering, she licked her honey from my skin. Moaning, she ground against me. All I wore were my boy shorts, so her moisture coated my leg. I let her come again, humping me like a dog in heat.

“On your knees. It’s my turn.” I moved my leg letting her slide down my body.

She pulled down my blue panties and licked my swollen clit. I fisted her dark hair and groaned. Her teeth grazed sensitive flesh and I tugged at her locks. “Easy, my little slut.”

She batted her eyes in mock innocence. Then her lips and tongue went to work.

I grabbed one of the thick, ripe bananas and handed it to her.

She slid it’s yellow length into my slit, filling me. The curve and firmness were perfect. Combined with her tonguing and suction I was over the brink in minutes.

“Thank God we love banana pancakes,” I whispered after I came, quaking.

She made a show of deep throating the fruit, cleaning my creaminess off. “They’re good for you.’

Sorcha Rowan

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