The Shadow You

“Time knows no names, undefined, knows no boundaries, limitless”

That striking point hit like a lightning; either as a beautiful sparkle that take your moments away or as a shock that runs live through. The dawns that went by without a tiny glittering drops of freshness; colorful rays that pass through layers of layers to reach your bare skin, goes unaffected. The ‘you’ moves on with time, many belief it is a nature that one’s dream comes another dream as we become more mature with responsibilities and become more aware. But the shadow which is far stretched like the first gleam of dawn flash out so bright it become subtle; just like the first dream when we are young and it feels like the world is yours. It is such imbalanced that the path of journey becomes subtle even though it’s just a touch away like a wind that blows over you again and again but the world around you defy it away.

When the light of the earth is at its Zenith, your shadow was damped and crushed beneath your barefoot, like a delusion that dreams don’t come true. But you start to live an enigmatic life and belief as time goes by everything will take its own shape. The beauty of the light shine like an expanse of waves in the ocean at this moment until you become a fighter of your shadow. Twilight dusk is the pathway long before the start of another twilight dawn where the shadow ‘o’ you fade away with the darkness or fixated to the place where you left behind and wait anew with the new twilight dawn.