Story Time…..Daddy’s girl ran, took cover, leaving daddy :(

Hello every one, I am not a good writer neither am I a good story teller but let me share this story with you.

Last night, the thought of my late dad filled my mind, lost him about 5 years ago, I miss him every day, last night I remembered an experience with him in Ibadan, Oyo state.

In 2008, while waiting for NYSC posting, after I graduated from the University, there was a decision to move my parents from the north, cos of the reoccurring crisis, families and friends are always attacking we the children, as none of us are with them that time, all my siblings are in different location and me that just graduated, floats from one place to another, to cut the story short, we agreed on getting an apartment in Ibadan since our family building is still under construction. I went ahead of them to get a place around New Bodija, off Oluwo-Nla and yea, my parents are here, though we didn’t move all our stuffs from our Kaduna Family home, cos mum didn’t want to move finally just yet, at least because of her business.

So it kindda looked like we have settled in well, since I was waiting for my NYSC posting, I was in Ibadan with them, with mum going and coming from the north.

To the major gist, we started attending a church behind our house, one day after service, a woman approached me and dad and asked if dad was undergoing any treatment for his “Partial stroke”, I told her no, not at the moment, that though he used to go for physiotherapy back in Kaduna but has not gone for any now because we just moved here. She offered to help and gave me a note to take to UCH, brethren, dad resumed physiotherapy and treatments. Since daddy couldn’t drive no more and I didn’t know how to drive that time, we always go with public cabs or call my cousin to help drive whenever he is free.

Then this particular day, we took cab as usual to the Hospital but ran out of cash for a cab to go back home because I had to pay for some drugs that we didn’t plan for, so we resolved to going back home on a bike “Okada”. I was scared of leaving him all by himself on a separate bike, so we decided to take same bike. From UCH, our bike man followed the normal route to our house which is via Agodi State house then towards Ikolaba, as we were approaching the Army Officers Mess in Ikolaba, towards options 24/7, we heard gunshots and motorist had parked their cars and took to their heels (we later learnt that some armed robbers were on the run after an operation and were shooting in the air to make way) so our bike man joined other motorist, he just stopped and jumped down from the bike, I came down almost immediately and boom, the guy vanished without even erecting the bike stand, my dad was still on the bike as he couldn’t come down easily without aid. So I helped him get off the bike to enable us also run and hide, but instead my dad held on to the bike so it doesn’t fall. “ha daddy lets go” , my dad’s reply was “the bike will fall and the fuel will pour now”, I was shocked, I told him the owner of the bike did not even care.

We were in front of the officers mess and it is kind of on a hilltop higher than the road, so u have to like climb, I was wondering how I will be able to run up there with dad, and dad was still busy helping the bike man “stand” his bike, all these were in minutes , then we heard another gunshot close by, “ ha daddy we need to run” (this time, it seem it’s the police shooting to announce their presence) other motorist that are just coming also parked at the spot where we were and ran towards the officers mess, I was confused, I can’t run with dad, so I told him to please lie flat inside the empty dry gutter by the road where we were standing while I run up to the mess, he said ok, it was a shallow gutter anyway, he stepped into it and asked me to go, I didn’t lookback to confirm if he actually lay flat, I just ran to where other people were.

I was so restless, I started crying when the gunshots increased, I was saying, “My daddy oo, my daddy is down there”. One of the soldiers got irritated and shouted at me, he was like “will you shut up, was he shot?” I said “God forbid” then he said “if you like your papa that much, why you leave am there?” that word hit me hard, but then, I noticed his strong Hausa ascent,, I just switched to Hausa begging him to follow me, immediately he heard me speak Hausa, the frown on his forehead relaxed, he was now so calm with me and asked me to calm down that he will go check my dad, I followed him swiftly, when we got to where we can view my dad, he was standing there with his walking stick, all alone, staring around and smiling, I almost burst into laughter, this man, smh. The soldier approached him and they exchanged greetings, other people started coming down too and drove off, that was when I saw the bike man, I didn’t know what to tell him sef, I was like “oga na wa oo”, his response was “talo fe ku(who wants to die)”, I almost said I won’t be going on his bike again but the thought of not getting another bike on time and with my lack of cash, since I have bargained and beaten the price of this one to the barest minimum, I just kept my mouth shut.

When we got home, while giving my mum the gist, my dad kept saying “my wonderful daughter ran and left me ooo”. Chai, I felt so bad, but you can’t blame me too much really.

The third day after that day, I dragged my cousin to go and teach me how to drive, at least, that was enough motivation to learn how to drive asap, abi, there was car in the house and we were jumping bike up and down, lol.

Miss you dad, I love you.

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