Beauty is Bought

Beauty is bought,
it’s sold in packets and potions on department store shelves.
There’s an art to it,
lessons passed through generations,
mother to daughter, father to son.
Beauty comes with tools
and these tools are hoarded like prize jewels.
An armada of magic tricks
which bring us closer to a manufactured sense of perfection
and make the mirror a more friendly adversary.
Beauty is bought,
which means it’s not a birthright
granted only to the blessed few.
Instead it’s an evolution dictated by effort,
a journey dictated by desire.
Beauty is sold in aisles laced with pink.
It’s sold in protein shakes and machinery,
in hair salons under florescent lights,
and warehouses of rainbow fabrics.
In black kohl and gold ornaments.
But beauty is also sold unconventionally
in the back alleys where few see it being purchased.
Beauty is sold in classrooms and in paper
filled in an attempt to catch the intangible.
Beauty is sold in knowledge.
Beauty is sold in experience,
in kindness given without compensation
and happiness spread in deficiency.
Beauty is sold in transparency.
In credibility bestowed on the incredulous.
Beauty is bought,
and the industry is competitive and diverse.
Definitions are constantly tested, expanded upon in protest
and made accessible to everyone.
In every flavor, in every verse.
Beauty is bought in a consumer’s market
where like ideologies congregate and no minority remains minor.
Beauty is bought in all stages of life
and the increasing level of SKUs
clutter with world with a divine allure.