Who are you? What people see of you? What do they think about when they hear your name? How are you shown to the outside world?

That’s your image. Your brand. Small or big. Good or bad. Weak or strong. That’s you.

But what make you YOU?

We all have an ideal picture of what we could be. What we wish to be. Most probably all people have a person that they want to be like.

But would that just happen by wanting to be like them or copying what they do?

Would that make the next Steve Jobs? The next Slash? Next Arnold Schwartzeneger? Next Obama? Michael Jackson?

First of all, wanting to be like someone and being them are totally 2 different things. We want so many things. For example I want Porsche Macan, a Vespa, and a MacBook Pro 2019 now. But would just wanting them just magically give them to me? NO. I’ve gotta go out there, hustle, make money and buy them. So is the case for wanting to be like someone.

Second, we can’t just be the next Steve Jobs by copying what he did on a daily basis. Because he did them based on set of life experices that were unique to him and only him. And that’s why there’s never gonna be another Steve Jobs.

I’m here on medium to find myself. Know myself. And know you. Feel free to contact me.

Sorenna Zabihi




Business Strategy and Communication Enthusiast

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Business Strategy and Communication Enthusiast

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