What’s New In 1.3

The third Sorrce update

After our first Apple rejection ever (thank EULA agreement) we got this really important update out. Not only is there some fun new functionality, but some incredible performance boosts as well.

1. Speed, speed, speed

This is the number 1 reason that this update is so important. No more waiting for your 3 items to slowly refresh. Sorrce is now quick as ever. This is a huge improvement in the usability of the app and you’ll be happy for it.

2. WTF tag

WTF tag. Look for it.

You know sometimes when you find something and the only thing you can say is “what the f**k did I just look at?”. Well we’ve now accounted for that scenario. Get ready.

3. UI Improvements

No longer will get stuck in the purgatory that is the loading screen. We’ve added a ‘dismiss’ button to all loading screens so that if the content we’re taking you to takes too long to load you can simply back out. Easy.

4. User Content

It is now easier to add content to Sorrce. On the main menu you can submit your favorite links easier than ever.

5. Flagging

So apparently it’s important to add moderation to these types of apps. Who would’ve thought??? Well in any case we’ve added the ability in the content menu to flag any content you deem as inappropriate within the app.

As always, work is being made on even more improvements to the app (yes! the next version will allow you to play music and Sorrce at the same time).

Sorrce on the App Store