Sorry Trish, You Have no Idea What You’re Talking About

Firstly, Trish, I don’t know you from a bar of soap. I don’t know who you are, or what you do. I’ve never read your blog before, nor have I even read anything you’ve written on social media.

What I do know about you is that you’re a paid up member of the Labor party, so it’s essential to take everything you write with a good helping of salt.

Me, on the other hand. I’m known among tweeters for my writing on the NBN, I have 20+ years experience in ICT, and have absolutely no political affiliation. The ONLY parties I’ve been a member of are the Pirate Party (it was free!) and the Liberal Party (a friend conned me into that one).

Right now, I vote with whoever has the best policies, and that sure isn’t either of the major parties. I digress.

You wrote an article recently that is so filled with errors about the recent passing of the “access and assistance act” by both houses of parliament, wholeheartedly supported by your darling Labor party.

This article is so littered with errors that, and is being retweeted so much by so many people, I had to respond to every one of your points.

  1. Labor does support the bill. They voted for the bill, that’s called supporting a bill. There is literally no other way to show ultimate support for a bill than to vote for it. Even taking this aside, Labor were going to vote for the bill with or without amendments. That’s called support. Verdict: LIE
  2. It doesn’t matter what excuse you make for the voting before Christmas, it would have literally no impact whether voted on now, or after Christmas. Development cycles are measured in weeks, and I can assure you that no Dev team is doing anything heavy right now, over the Christmas break. The reason being is that you don’t want your software to die when you’re running a skeleton crew. Verdict: LIE
  3. If Labor voting for or against it had no bearing on the bill, as you say, then they had no incentive to vote for the bill in both houses, did they? It would have shown that Labor would have a backbone. Verdict: FALLACY
  4. This fourth point literally makes no sense. If Labor voted against the bill in the Senate, the bill would be dead, at least for the time being. So what if they horse traded with racists, at least Labor wouldn’t be the party that brought us the end of encryption: Verdict: IRRELEVANT
  5. Labor didn’t work with the government. Labor came up with amendments that did nothing to fix the bill, that’s flawed at its core. They weren’t protections, they were garbage, as everyone in the ICT sector has said. VERDICT: LIE
  6. Pressure is why we pay parliamentarians massive salaries. If an air traffic controller just let planes crash because of the pressure, they’d be fired. Again, the powers would have had no effect over the Christmas period. Absolutely none. VERDICT: LIE
  7. Labor were using refugees as pawns in their game of ‘wedge the government’. Trying to defend this cynical attempt to point score, rather than actually take action on refugees is just disgusting. VERDICT: DISGUSTING
  8. Liberals closing parliament at 5pm has no effect on whether you should or shouldn’t vote for a bill that breaks encryption in Australia. VERDICT: FALLACY
  9. Again, the bill has no effect on anything that might or might not happen over Christmas. VERDICT: LIE
  10. Again, ASIO would have been able to do nothing about anything over Christmas with this bill. Please read the bill you are defending. VERDICT: LIE
  11. If there was indeed an increased threat, then security services should do their job. Their job isn’t to break encryption and be lazy at it. VERDICT: FALLACY
  12. No, Labor didn’t. They just voted for the bill anyway. There’s no evidence Labor did anything other than capitulate. There are so many claims with absolutely no evidence in Trish’s article it’s not funny. VERDICT: LIE
  13. Labor capitulated, they didn’t err on the side of anything. We’ve had terrorist threats for decades, but not once has it been said we needed to kill a whole sector of the economy to combat terrorism. Less than 10 people have been killed by terrorism in Australia, and your party has killed a whole sector. VERDICT: FALLACY AND LIE
  14. Labor had many options, the best one being to vote the bill down. ASIO have asked for many things, and been refused many times before. The reason is that what they’ve asked for has infringed on our rights. If they can’t do their job within the constraints of human rights, they aren’t fit to be ASIO employees. VERDICT: LIE
  15. The same lie, repeated over and over. Reminds me of something I read, somewhere. VERDICT: GOEBBELS
  16. The same lie, again, and again. Trish seems to be unaware that she’s repeating a lie. VERDICT: LIE
  17. It doesn’t matter what Labor want to do, they won’t get a chance to do anything in the new year. It’s an election year. Not only that, the ICT sector will already be dead, and Labor will be 100% to blame. VERDICT: LIE
  18. This cynical view on governing, and opposition, is exactly why people like me actually hate Labor and Liberals, along with their supporters. We don’t actually care about your politicking, we just want the country run for the people, not for your next election strategy. VERDICT: CYNICAL BULLSHIT
  19. Yeh, that worked out great for Matthew Guy. VERDICT: IRRELEVANT
  20. No, Labor wouldn’t be. The terrorists involved, or ASIO, for not doing their job, would be. That’s how these things work. VERDICT: LIE
  21. I see Labor are now running policy via Murdoch, and their members are cool with it. VERDICT: SPINELESS DRIVEL
  22. Again, the bill has 0 effect on any software over Christmas. Dev teams do not make huge commits over the Christmas period. They literally won’t. VERDICT: LIE
  23. I’m sorry, is Morrison the Leader of the Opposition? Does he control the Labor party? What does Morrison have to do with decisions that Bill Shorten made? VERDICT: FALLACY
  24. It’s not Morrison’s fault Labor capitulated. VERDICT: LIE
  25. Morrison didn’t ‘split the left’. The Labor Party haven’t been ‘left’ for well over a decade. In fact, Labor’s slide to the right has been there for all to see for quite some time. All that has happened is that Bill won’t get his $3 per first preference, and that’s why you wrote your lie filled blog post. VERDICT: LIE
  26. This last point makes no sense. We’re angry at Labor for destroying a sector. This is something that YOU as a paid up Labor Member have to think about. Your party will probably win the next election, but those first preferences will all be going to Indies and Greens. VERDICT: NONSENSE

Your article is littered with lies, fallacies, and outright bullshit. I suggest you stop posting on subjects you have knowledge or even basic understanding of.

You’re literally using the same encryption you’re happy for Labor to break on your own blog. How about you remove all HTTPS from your blog and see how far that gets you. That’s the equivalent of what Labor just did.