Best Udemy Online Courses to Learn JavaScript, React, Angular, and Node [Only Those Updated in 2019]
Jun 4 · 13 min read

In case you’re looking for complete, detailed, high-rated Udemy courses covering subjects like web development, JavaScript, React, Node, or Angular, then this article is a goldmine of suggestions for some of the best courses on Udemy. I chose only courses that were rated above 4.5 and recommended to me by fellow developers.

JavaScript Udemy Courses

The Complete JavaScript Course 2019

Authors: Jonas Schmedtmann
Subject matter: JavaScript, ES6+, OOP, AJAX, Webpack, Babel, npm
Number of lessons/hours: 165 lectures/28 hours
Level: beginner
Features: 10 articles, 1 downloadable resource, coding of 3 apps
Last update: 5/2019

Jonas is one of the top instructors on Udemy with all his premium courses having earned the bestselling status. Himself, Jonas is a web designer and developer, who holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and who’s been building beautiful things since 2007, so for more than 10 years.

This complete JS course is one of the most popular JS courses on Udemy, with literally 45 thousand students rating it above 4.5, so definitely worth checking out.

The course dives straight into JavaScript language basics and how JS works behind the scenes (how the code is executed with JS parsers and engines, how hoisting works, the “this” keyword, and more). You’ll learn how DOM manipulation and Events work, go through advanced JS concepts (like objects and functions). Almost halfway through the course, you’re going to apply the learned concepts on creating a budget app. After the basics, Jonas explains the differences between classic JavaScript and next-generation JS, including ES6 and beyond. By the end of the course, there’re sections on asynchronous JS, Babel, Webpack, and a final course exam to test whatever you’ve managed to learn throughout the course.

Advanced JavaScript

Authors: Asim Hussain
Subject matter: pure JavaScript (interview prep)
Number of lessons/hours: 25 lectures/3:30 hours
Level: beginner
Features: 2 articles
Last update: 2/2019

The greatest thing about this course is that every lesson is named after a question which you can be asked during a technical interview. For example, “what are the different types in JavaScript,” ‘what are CORS and JSONP,” or “what’s the difference between event capturing and bubbling.” Honestly, though this is a pretty short course, lasting only 3 hours in total, nevertheless, can be priceless if you’re into some advanced concepts not covered by a regular JS course syllabus or preparing for a technical interview.

Asim Hussain is a conference speaker, published author, and a passionate teacher. He’s been developing websites for more than 18 years, so back when computers were huge (obviously, that’s a joke, but you get how ancient that sounds, right?). Asim works as a Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft and basically spends his work days teaching developers and making them excited about writing JS apps on Azure, meanwhile recording courses for everyone else interested, on Udemy.

JavaScript Bootcamp

Authors: Code And Create, George Lomidze, Lasha Nozadze
Subject matter: pure JavaScript
Number of lessons/hours: 120 lectures/17 hours
Level: beginner
Features: 2 articles, 1 downloadable resource, JSON, JS Interview questions
Last update: 5/2019

This course comes from the guys behind Code and Create, a web development company that consists of professional web developers, designers, and instructors, specializing in various technologies, including JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Node, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL, Python, and more.

This is, perhaps, the least popular course yet on the list, because first of all, it’s pretty recent, nevertheless, has already garnished a pretty good base of happy reviewers rating it above 4.6, so worth checking out, whenever you catch a Udemy coupon or sale for all courses at less than 10 dollars, which happens pretty regularly.

The guys behind the course have obviously put a great amount of work in it, starting from JS basics to advanced concepts in the language. There are quizzes, projects, and a set of JS interview questions, in case you’re preparing for an interview.

The reviewers often mention that it’s a great course for beginners, because most of the time, the instructors are pretty clear, concise, and straight to the point, which is obviously important when you have to learn something as quickly as possible.

Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

Authors: Andrew Mead
Subject matter: JavaScript, including ES6 and ES7, Babel, Webpack
Number of lessons/hours: 155 lectures/30 hours
Level: beginner — intermediate
Features: 128 downloadable resources, 80 coding challenges, 3 projects
Last update: 5/2019

Andrew Mead’s courses were recommended to me by a fellow developer, and unfortunately, some of those I had to leave out because they have not been updated for quite a while, but I definitely recommend checking this instructor, because this guy seems to be a very good teacher. Andrew is a full-stack developer from the US, who launched his first course on Udemy back in 2014, and since then has a bunch of them with a number of students reaching more than 100,000. Currently, Andrew is into teaching JS, React, and Node. Overall, Andrew has been programming for over a decade and has a Computer Science degree.

This course starts from the very basics like JS variables and Flow control, goes deeper into Functions, Objects, Arrays, data storage, and libraries, and finishes up with advanced Objects and Functions.

The reviewers are pretty happy they bought the course, with many saying that they learned so much from it, which they have not been able to do with other courses or by themselves. Some people note that the results they have achieved are fantastic and pretty much unexpected. So, Andrew seems like totally worth spending 30 hours of listening to. Good luck!

Understanding TypeScript

Authors: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Subject matter: TypeScript
Number of lessons/hours: 154 lectures/7 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 14 articles, 27 downloadable resources
Last update: 4/2019

Check out our article on TypeScript vs JS vs Flow, if interested to learn a few basics before going any further.

Okay, now we are at it, Max is a fantastic teacher, and I can be very biased towards this guy, but he’s seriously one of the best instructors on Udemy, and we’ll be featuring even more courses from him in a moment, because there are plenty on React, Node, and web development in general. We’ve covered this guy earlier since he has a fantastic YouTube channel, where he dives into the current state of web development or explains some of the topics which he later goes into greatest details in his courses.

The TypeScript course starts from the basics, like installing TypeScript, and using it for better code, to understanding TypeScript compiler, using objects to create classes, to something more advanced like using JS libraries with TypeScript, including ReactJS.

Consider this review for a game changer: “This is the 5th course I’ve purchased from Max. It is becoming difficult for me to trust in the quality of other instructors: “Are they as good as Max? Or as cool? Can they explain the details while helping you understand the greater picture?” Yeah, I think Max is that good.” Well, this pretty much sums up everything I’ve said about the instructor above.

React Udemy Courses

React — The Complete Guide

Authors: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Subject matter: React (including Hooks, React Router, and Redux)
Number of lessons/hours: 502 lectures/41 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 51 articles, 228 downloadable resources
Last update: 5/2019

Another course from Max, which he timely updates as soon as a new feature or something else comes up in React, so it might be a life-long investment, really, because the updates are free on Udemy. To succeed in this course, you don’t have to be a JS expert, but basic JS, HTML/CSS is absolutely required. There’s no need to know any other library or framework, so if you know JS but have not yet ventured into a framework universe, then this course might be the best one for you, considering the current popularity of React.

The course starts from the very basics of React, including a short discourse into React alternatives and a refresher on next-generation JavaScript. Then there’s a deep dive into React itself, from basic features and syntax of React to Redux, NextJs, React Hooks, and an introduction to React Native as a bonus on top.

This course might be the only one you’ll ever need on React, so consider it a good deal, whenever you get your hands on one of those Udemy coupons.

Modern React with Redux

Authors: Stephen Grider
Subject matter: React, Redux, React Router, Hooks, Webpack
Number of lessons/hours: 486 lectures/48 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 18 articles, 1 downloadable resource
Last update: 5/2019

Unfortunately, most of Stephen Grider’s courses are not updated, but there are quite a few of them really worth checking out, judging by the reviews and the words out from the developer community. This course, however, seems to be pretty up to date, although at two different places in the description it mentions different update dates, so it’s a little bit confusing.

Anyway, Stephen is a fantastic teacher, who has been developing complex JS apps for top corporations in the Bay Area, so his expertise is very well known and received.

Although, in the requirements, there’s only mention of a Mac or Windows computer, don’t be fooled, it’s not a course for beginners. The course starts, however, from the basic installation of the required technologies, and then goes straight into advanced topics like building content with JSX, communicating with Props, understanding Lifecycle Modules, making API requests with React, and more.

While many people leave 5-star reviews, others found it hard to follow before the recent update, because the course had not been well structured, but now, it’s obviously fixed. However, if you’re a beginner, it’s worth looking into other courses first.

The complete React Developer Course

Authors: Andrew Mead
Subject matter: React, Hooks, React Router, Redux, Webpack
Number of lessons/hours: 200 lectures/39 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 165 downloadable resources
Last update: 5/2019

This is another course by Andrew Mead, whom we’ve described a little earlier in this review. This course covers React, Redux, React Router, Webpack, Babel, Jest, Enzyme, Firebase, and other important indispensable tools. To succeed in this course, please be prepared to know JS basics (like functions, objects, arrays, callback functions). The course covers Hooks, Context, Fragments, etc, in case you’re interested.

React Native: The Practical Guide

Authors: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Subject matter: React Native
Number of lessons/hours: 208 lectures/17 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 27 articles, 115 downloadable resources
Last update: 4/2019

Another fantastic course by Max, covering React Native and Redux. React knowledge is an absolutely required prerequisite for taking this course, as well as the knowledge of JS. However, knowledge of Android/Java or Swift/Objective-C is not required at all, so you’re good. Max is very well known for taking care of his courses and students, so he updates all courses (including this one) on a regular basis. The folks, who were not very satisfied with the course, mentioned that it was a little too fast for a newbie or a newcomer for React Native, so it will be great if you have some prior experience working in it, so you’ll stay up with the flow of the course.

NodeJS Udemy Courses

Node with React

Authors: Stephen Grider
Subject matter: NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB
Number of lessons/hours: 203 lectures/26 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 11 articles
Last update: 5/2019

That’s another course by Stephen Grider that covers pretty much everything in full stack web development, including NodeJS, React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB. Before purchasing the course, please, make sure you’re confident in JS, React, and Redux.

The course is structured around live coding examples, where Stephen builds one massive web app real-time with advanced features of React, Redux, Express, and Mongo. You’ll learn how to build an app and use it to send mass emails for the purposes of collecting feedback (no spam we’re taking, or are we?) Anyway, it’s a pretty versatile course, where you’ll connect a front-end Create-React-App server to NodeJS and Express Backend, communicate data from your Mongo database to your React app, handle credit cards with Stripe, enhance authentification flows with Google OAuth authentification, and more. So, totally worth it, if you’re into advanced topics.

The Complete Node.js Developer Course

Authors: Andrew Mead
Subject matter: NodeJS, SocketIO, Mongoose, and MongoDB
Number of lessons/hours: 177 lectures/35 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 137 downloadable resources
Last update: 5/2019

This is a course recorded by Andrew Mead along with his companion, Rob Percival. Rob has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and has a Code School in Cambridge. Rob also runs the popular web hosting and design service, Eco Web Hosting, as well teaches on Udemy.

The course starts from installing NodeJS, exploring its module system, file system and command line arguments, then goes into debugging, asynchronous NodeJS, web servers, APIs, app deployment, testing, and creating a chat app with applying all the knowledge that you gain throughout the course.

To succeed in this course, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of JS (like variables, functions, arrays, if statements), but if you’re a total beginner, it’s better to look into some JS courses first.

NodeJS the Complete Guide

Authors: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Subject matter: NodeJS, REST APIs, GraphQL APIs, SQL or MongoDB
Number of lessons/hours: 485 lectures/36 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 55 articles, 457 downloadable resources
Last update:5/2019

Another fantastic creation by Max, only this time on NodeJS. In 40 hour-time, you’ll learn NodeJS basics, including basic core modules, parsing requests and sending responses, using ExpressJS, MySQL and Sequelize, MongoDB and Mongoose, Rest APIs, GraphQL, as well as testing and deploying an app. You’re going to build two projects: an online shop and a blog.

To succeed in this course, you don’t have to be a NodeJS expert, but a very basic understanding of it will not hurt. Also, you’ll need to have a basic knowledge of JS, HTML, and CSS. There’s a basic JS refresher, so in case you need a quick reminder of everything, then it will be here for you.

Angular Udemy Courses

Angular 8 (formerly Angular 2) — The Complete Guide

Authors: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Subject matter: Angular 2+, Angular 8
Number of lessons/hours: 495 lectures/36 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 41 articles/170 downloadable resources
Last update: 5/2019

This is another course by Max on Angular, which starts from comparing Angular vs Angular 2 and 8, a short discourse on TypeScript, Angular architecture, directives, and components, routing and handling navigation, and ends up with optimization and creating a custom project. To succeed in this course, you need to have a knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript, but no prior knowledge of Angular 1 or 2 is required.

Angular and NodeJS — The MEAN Stack Guide

Authors: Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Subject matter: Angular + NodeJS, MEAN stack, MongoDB with Mongoose
Number of lessons/hours: 148 lectures/13 hours
Level: intermediate
Features: 19 articles, 40 downloadable resources
Last update: 5/2019

Another course by Max on using both Angular and NodeJS, and MEAN stack in general. This course is not the course on Angular per se, so if you wish to learn Angular or broaden your knowledge, then perhaps it’s best to choose another course (like the one above we’ve described earlier, also created and curated by Max). In this course, however, you’re going to learn how to set up a NodeJS + Express + MongoDB + Angular Application with a help of the Angular CLI, as well as learn how to use NodeJS and Express effectively. You’ll make your own app with Angular and Node, and learn how to make it more secure by implementing Users, Authentification, and Authorization.

The reviewers are generally generous in leaving their five stars, however, some complained that Max could have explained some of the parts better or in more detail. Overall, people do seem to learn a lot, it’s just a complex subject, MEAN stack, and there’s a lot of density here going on, which you have to put your hands on and learn by yourself.

General Web Development Udemy Courses

Web Developer Bootcamp

Authors: Colt Steele
Subject matter: web development from HTML/CSS to JS, NodeJS, Express and MongoDB
Number of lessons/hours: 398 lectures/47 hours
Level: beginner
Features: 77 articles, 85 downloadable resources
Last update: 6/2019

This is one of the most popular Web Development courses on Udemy with more than 120 thousand students leaving reviews above 4.7. Colt is a fantastic teacher, although at times a bit slow and at others — not detailed enough (well, that’s purely my own opinion, and it can certainly contradict with yours, but overall, this is a very nice course for a complete beginner). In this course, you’ll learn everything about the basics of web development, starting from very simple HTML and CSS to more complex subjects like JS, and frameworks/libraries, including Bootstrap, JQuery, Node. Since the course is pretty long and very condensed, don’t expect you become an expert in any of those, but that will certainly be a fantastic base for your future studies of any of those aforementioned languages or frameworks in detail. Colt is famous for using his dogs and cats as coding examples, so you really have to deal with all that stuff and have an excellent sense of humor and patience at certain times in the course, but many find it cute nevertheless.

The Complete Web Developer Course

Authors: Rob Percival, Codestars by Rob Percival
Subject matter: from HTML/CSS to JS, PHP, and MySQL
Number of lessons/hours: 308 lectures/31 hours
Level: beginner
Features: 143 articles
Last update: 1/2019

We’ve talked about Rob a little further above, so we’ll just say this guy is very knowledgeable, holds a degree in Mathematics, and runs a coding school in Cambridge. Rob has over 40 courses on Udemy and over a million of students.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics like HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, and even PHP, MySQL, APIs, Python, and basics of building simple Mobile Apps. All of these in less than 31 hours, seems like a very good deal.

Reviewers mention that they are pretty impressed with Rob’s didactic style of teaching, where he stops, gives a challenge, where you apply what you’ve learned, and then check up on your knowledge.

The Complete Web Developer in 2019

Authors: Andrei Neagoie
Subject matter: from HTML/CSS to JS, NodeJS, and even machine learning
Number of lessons/hours: 307 lectures/32 hours
Level: beginner
Features: 111 articles, 78 downloadable resource
Last update: 6/2019

Andrei has been working as a senior software developer in Silicon Valley and Toronto for years, he’s also been teaching programming in his spare time. Overall he has four courses with almost 100,000 students, 20,000 of whom left reviews rating the courses above 4.7.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of web development, starting from how the internet works to the history of the web to HTML, CSS, JS, Git, and finishing with frameworks/libraries like React and Node.

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