“Because of assholes who share your obsession with imagining other people’s genitals, your…
Rob Myers

Whatever gave you the idea that this writer — or anyone else — was “born with a gender"? Yes, most humans are born with genitalia. But whatever one thinks those indicate, it’s been generally agreed among the literate, for the last 20 or 30 years, that “gender” refers to a social construct, in principle indepent of one’s genitalia (at birth, or as modified). This is very far from being bogus jargon, as would be clear to you if you had even minimal familiarity with a language in which all nouns have grammatical gender. If the gender of Mädchen — German for “girl” — can be neuter, the term “gender” obviously denotes something other than anything we’re born with.

That said, I return to my previous question: if you’re not just a troll, how do this writer’s concerns affect you? What result would you hope for, should she/they get the kind of therapy you insist on? What difference would it make in your life if that actually happened? Would you be or feel safer, at home or on the streets? Would your job be more secure? Would you be able to cut back on the time you now spend on routine errands, house-cleaning, or getting dressed in the morning? If you’re so concerned about those “parts,” maybe you’re one of the many men (sex, not gender) who feel uncomfortable using urinals & have to pee in a stall: if therapy led the author to stop worrying about how others refer to her/them, would you save time in public toilets?


Direct answers very much appreciated.