Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Once upon a time, some people considered social media to be a simple fad that would eventually be phased out. However, it’s become a ‘tour de force’ in all areas of life, especially in business and marketing. Today, social media platforms are marketing giants that businesses clamour to, as they offer the best means of collecting valuable data about customers, as well as the best means of reaching and understanding them.

In fact, it’s now impossible for a business to survive without having some sort of social media presence. This is a major reason why businesses need social media, but not the only one. Below are four more reasons why all businesses need social media.

To Increase Brand Awareness

Social media makes it easier for your customers to find, recognize and connect with your brand. This makes customer acquisition and retention easier, and inspires brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is one of the most effective ways to build and maintain a reputation, as well as consistently grow your business and increase your bottom line. Not to mention, some interactions may lead to your brand being mentioned in social media posts, which increases business reach.

To Provide Better Customer Experiences and Service

Social media platforms are such a powerful tool that many people use them for customer service. Customers expect fast response times and 24-hour support, and communicating via social media gives them those conveniences. With customer service portals positioned there, communication is almost instantaneous, conversations are transparent and follow-up is easier. Besides, great customer experiences can inspire loyalty and provide financial benefits to your business.

To Increase Search Engine Ranking and Website Traffic

It’s difficult for customers to find your website if they don’t know it exists, but social media ensures they know. In fact, increased web traffic is the number one benefit of having a social media presence. It directs people to your site and helps increase your search engine ranking, because more social media shares equal a higher search engine ranking.

To Get Real-time Results from Targeted Ads

Thanks to social media, businesses have a new way of advertising. In fact, it’s opened a whole new world of business promotion, content distribution and marketing. Plus, social media advertising is an inexpensive and powerful tool that offers targeted advertising. This means you can advertise right to the audience you’re trying to reach.

You can run ads to specific demographics and locations or to consumers with certain behaviours and interests. Best of all, the performance of these ads can be tracked in real-time. However, to gather even more information from these ads and to impress your audience with your website, you need the help of a qualified web developer. Edmonton business owners should enlist the help of SOS Media.

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