Sosnovkino ICO- Secured by a land asset….

Secured by a land asset, a high profitable project of a cottage settlement with a quality infrastructure. The estimated investment return period is two years.

A project in the field of real estate for the construction of a cottage settlement with a quality infrastructure secured by a land asset that guarantees high profitability and security for project investors.

Real estate has been the most popular way of investment for hundreds of years. Leading specialists can make a profit of hundreds of per cent on projects, in contrast to ordinary non-specialized investors whose income can be comparable to the deposit rate in the bank.

Today Sosnovkino is the only project in the field of real estate that attracts funds with the aid of ICO. Its advantages are that it is a project secured by the land asset which guarantees high profitability of the project.

The Sosnovkino foundation already owns the land area of 194 hectares with an estimated value of $3,000,000. According to Zurich Ltd. appraisal, the increase in the cost of the asset at the time of engineering systems construction will be 600%.

The amount of required investments to complete the construction of the necessary infrastructure is $2,700,000.

For 10 years we have been successfully creating new sites for construction. The Sosnovkino foundation’s team of engineers took part in infrastructure engineering of many settlements in several countries: more than 20 new settlements in Russia, 4 investment projects in the Czech Republic and development projects in Thailand.

Why Siberia?

Novosibirsk is the largest city in Siberia and the center of the Siberian region where 80% of all the natural resources exported by Russia are mined.

Considering that private ownership of land in Russia was introduced only 15 years ago, the land market is only gaining momentum yet. Nowadays, the suburban real estate market in Novosibirsk has a critical need for land plots with a fully developed infrastructure because 90% of suburban cottage settlements have been built by non-professional private companies.

Sosnovkino LLC will undergo an audit every half year, all the accounting reports will be published, and besides, token holders will take decisions on the key issues in the organization. There will be video surveillance cameras installed in the construction site: each investor will be able to see the stage that the construction works are at. If someone wants to quit the project, this can be done at any moment.