Introducing Tempo Ventures — Distribution Expertise + Seed Capital

As the founder of an agency that helps companies scale paid acquisition channels, I chat with dozens of startups each month about their growth and distribution challenges. If I’ve learned anything over the past 5+ years growing companies, it’s that even great companies with product/market fit fail because they can’t find repeatable and scalable growth. We’re launching Tempo Ventures today to help founders solve their distribution challenges.

Tempo Ventures is a mentor-driven collective that works with a small number of companies per year on growth and distribution. To compensate our mentors for their time and effort, we ask to invest as part of a company’s seed round. Tempo represents a strong network of growth experts and we’ll provide help on everything from sales automation to SEO to paid acquisition. Our end goal is to help companies discover the right channels and scale them out.

We are doing something very different with Tempo. In keeping with doing things differently, we’re also built on top of AngelList Syndicates. This means we don’t have LPs like a traditional seed fund. Tempo will invest a small amount directly in each company but the large majority of the capital invested will come from our syndicate (which is still accepting accredited investors). Our syndicate is backed by people that have played critical roles at companies like Kabam, Snapchat, Automattic, Rakuten, and Netflix.

Our first investment just went live on AngelList today and we’re talking to a number of high potential companies for our next investment. We’re on the lookout for strong teams with real businesses that have great unit economics. If that’s you, please get in touch!

Let’s do this.