Temporary Tattoos and PH

After a few nights of peace, Maddie has decided that she doesn’t like the big girl bed. Last night, she was up from 2 am until 5. She is getting more and more insistent that: (1) she doesn’t want to sleep in the big girl bed; (2) she doesn’t want to sleep in our bed; and (3) she isn’t going to sleep anywhere if she doesn’t want to.

And so my question is, how do I discipline a child who is chronically, maybe terminally ill? I feel awful for getting angry at her…but we need sleep too. And she can’t rule over the rest of the house. Liam is tired. I am tired. Bill is tired. But I simply can not. And it invades my behavior and makes it impossible for me to be the mean-ass mom Liam knows me to be.

Case in point: the Hello Kitty tattoo. She’s been wearing it for weeks now and it just looks not good. But every time I get near her with alcohol and a cotton ball, she stone-cold flips out. At first I couldn’t figure out why.

“It hurts.” she said when I tried again last night. And it occurred to me that all she knows of cotton balls and alcohol is preps for the blood draws. She does every goddamn month. And if she makes it another 10 years, she’ll have to do the pregnancy test too. So, I’m not going to be the one to take it off of her. She probably wear that damn tattoo to kindergarten.

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