Post-Week 1 Reflection…

An exciting week 1 at Mobiquity’s OnRamp program has come to an end. I’ve learned a lot about various company tools and procedures, the Agile Development Process, Git and GitFlow.

Although it’s hard to choose one thing I’ve found most interesting, I have undoubtedly enjoyed learning about Agile — a process that guides collaboration between developers. It has been intriguing to realize how developers solve a wide range of issues — e.g., communication and task dillineation — that arise naturally when collaborating. In my experience, team dynamics either make a project fun or painful. Moreover, poor team dynamics is often the result of bad communication. It’s encouraging to learn that Mobiquity embraces a process that emphasises routine communication, in part, through daily stand-ups.

Moving into week 2, I’m quite excited to expand my knowledge of Android development. More specifically, I’m excited to absorb lessons, guidelines, warnings, etc. from experienced professionals. Up until now, most of my experience in Android development has been academic. In short, I’m most excited for the impending exposure to professionals!

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