How to Make Killer Presentations Like Steve Jobs😲

Christos Sotirelis
Jul 27, 2017 · 4 min read

Undoubtedly, Steve was one of the world’s best presenters. He had that way of passionately presenting and used to drive crowds crazy every time he got on stage (okay, not as crazy as Steve Ballmer😝). But even Jobs kept on training, just like Elon Musk does or Mark Zuckerberg.

Almost anywhere you end up to, you’re gonna have to make a presentation. When in college, at work, a conference or when you prepare an investor pitch-deck. You may have to present to 5 people, or, maybe, 500. People present, but only a few present the right way. And that’s not only about the slides themselves, but the way you do it, too.

Well, I’ve cracked down some techniques from the most popular presentations and I’m gonna leave some tips here that aim to “skyrocket” your public speaking and presentation skills!🚀

Let’s start with your slides.

Less is more.

That’s the number one rule that should always be followed. You are the one presenting, not your slides. So, less content is better for you audience to keep up with. One phrase per slide would be ideal.

  • Pick just one or maximum two colors (with light gradient) for your background. Pro tip: Use blurred images that contrast nicely with text colors.
  • Choose a clean, modern font. Stay away from Comic Sans!
  • Large text sizes! Who doesn’t ❤️ them?
  • If you want to talk numbers, put them big. Very big and bold-y! Then explain verbally.
  • No more than three bullets per slide. Ever.
  • Can you replace bullets with images? Even better. People are going to remember images more than plain text.
  • Paragraphs are strictly prohibited. Why? Simply put, no one will spend time reading them, even if you’re Musk and have put up the plan to colonise Mars! Same goes for boring graphs and charts that need a magnifier to read.
  • Use easy-to-read visualisations to present data. Be exact when explaining them.
  • Use strong verbs and powerful words and grab everybody’s attention!
  • Dates, links, number of slides? Nope. No need for that.
  • Can your slide’s title or, even, content fit in a Tweet? That’d be great!

Unfortunately, doing all of the above is not gonna cut it! The key is to engage with your audience. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook don’t only present. They actually communicate with the crowd. They manage to have every single person in the room paying close attention to what they’re saying and just take a quick look at slides.

  • Start with a greeting. Ask them how they’re doing. Tell them if you’re anxious; it’s gonna make communication stronger!
  • Stories stories stories. Craft a story. Works and always will. People love hearing them. Just like humour.
  • Never ever stare back at your slides or computer. Look your people in the eye. Every and each one of them.
  • Don’t stand still. Walk around, move your hands, let the body language express your energy. That way no one gets bored!
  • You should be very aware of the flow but not the exact content of each slide. Keep in mind that you must speak with passion, like it’s coming out of your heart!
  • Most important: Smile and be thrilled! Like Steve did, in every single presentation!

Take a look at that stunning presentation of the first iPhone, back in 2007. 📱 Notice how every tip above is applied.

Feel the power of stories and inspiration when Obama presents.✏️

Bonus videos, yay! One of the best three-minute startup pitch with lots of energy and, of course, the energy-man, Ballmer. There are a lot more out there, indeed!


Good luck on your next killer presentation! And remember: Less is more.💪🏻

Tim Cook thanks everyone upon the ending of his outstanding presentation.

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