Thank you LibriVox

I love reading books, I really do. I believe that is a good habit to learn something new, to let your imagination fly by reading the worlds defined by another mind. Also, is a great relaxing activity at times of high stress to have the discipline to focus on a single page and just read.

Every year, I define a goal on how many books I should read and the method for selecting the books. For 2016 my target is set to 100 books in 365 days, that means a new book every 3,65 days! Thats a lot of books you will say but its not. Already Im on book 78th and still plenty of time ahead to reach 100 and who knows…. go even beyond.

So how I do it? Is easy, I started recording where I spent my time in a time sheet every day. The data collected helped me to apply some critique on how I really spent my time and apply some rules and change behaviour.

Cannot wake up without coffee every morning and that was 1 hour reading facebook status updates, I replaced that with 1 hour of book reading.

Most of us spent 2 hours per day inside a car or a bus so instead of radio and loud music, I replace that with 2 hours of an audio book.

Nights before bed, I used to again read social media and again replaced that “cool down” hour with 1 hour for book reading.

All in all by changing behaviour I did found 4 hours of my everyday life that I can invest in reading books. If you dont believe how much time you spent on social media try record the time in a piece of paper and you will be amazed.

100 books is a hard target so I had to be smart on selecting books that contained less than 400 pages. So I divided my reading list to 10 long books (over 500 pages), 40 average books (less than 300 pages), 20 short story books and 30 audio books. By having 50% of my target invested in short stories (some good classics belong to this category) and audio books the remaining 50% consists of 17.000 pages.

I do not do speed reading yet, my speed is 1 page = 1 minute therefore I need 283 hours to finish that target or the equivalent of 1,2 hours per day.

Well no one goes like a machine, things happen in life but the above calculation illustrates that if you keep observing and change behaviour, if you keep a rhythm even a 100 books target is an easy one.

During this process, I discovered that has over 15.000 audio books online and a cool android app. Im so grateful that I found them and I have free access to a gold mine. Thank you Librivox and community members!

To take it a step further, I thought that it would be a good idea to promote Audio Books to the online classrooms that offers and we recently launch a simple way of adding an audio book to an online course. We even provide a course on the subject that you can enrol for free.

So go ahead and measure, set target and read as many books as you can.

Its really a healthy habit.