Fanpage and Twitter Trends UK December 2016

Here’s a summary of what went down in December 2016 on Facebook and Twitter UK, from out monthly Trends reports!

On Facebook, new movie trailers were the hottest trends, surprisingly beating out Christmas posts. On Twitter, Manchester United had the most popular hashtag this month by a mile, and then some!

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Fanpage Trends UK December 2016

The top posts were mostly all videos this December, again stressing the rise and importance of video content. There were two movie trailers that entered the ranking, one for Alien: Covenant and one for Spiderman: Homecoming, each posted be their official pages, respectively.

But the most engaging post this month was a video made by Sunderland AFC, sharing a video of Bradley Lowery, a Sunderland fan with neuroblastoma, taking the pitch for the football team. The video is a heartwarming look at the football team doing something nice for child with an unfortunate amount to deal with. As we’ve seen before in the trends, being kind and giving on social media is a great way to make your audience happy.

Twitter Trends UK December 2016

After a brief faltering period, One Direction once again had the most engaging tweets this month. However, the most interesting thing on Twitter UK was the hashtag the dominated all others: #MUFC.

The hashtag was the most popular hashtag on almost everyday this month. The popularity of the team and their brand is unmatched on Twitter, being a successful UK football team and all. It’s a shame that them along with One Direction often dominate the rankings, but at least they offer inspiration as something to learn from and, one day, beat!

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