Fanpage and Twitter Trends UK January 2017

The first UK trends reports for 2017 have already been launched, ushering in another year for social media. Here’s a summary of the highlights from Sotrender’s Fanpage and Twitter Trends UK for January 2017.

Our Trends reports explore the biggest wave makers on different social media platforms. In these reports, we take a look at the reach, engagement, customer service, and content on social media in 11 different industries.You can compare who’s doing the best, which posts are succeeding the most, and other useful insights. So if you’re wondering who’s the biggest brand on Facebook or who’s engaging the most people on Twitter, our Trends reports will tell you.

Fanpage Trends UK January 2017

This January saw a diverse set of posts perform well on Facebook. The top five posts included a contest, a sports video, an anti-immigration post, an F1 racing video, and an anti-Trump post. What can you learn from so many different posts? Be different. You cant just copy others and expect success. Being different will help you stand out and, as the rankings show, it really works. You can find the top brands below.

And pay attention to how people are engaging! Pollyanna Ward of Mondelez International says that “People are choosing to go to their Facebook pages to check in on upcoming events, tag their friends in the comments, share their experiences, and these are all actions that in the past would have taken place on a website.” Keep that in mind when engaging your audience!

Twitter Trends UK January 2017

The biggest tweet this January was made by Ed Sheeran, posting about his upcoming new album. After a year-long absence from social media, he came back with an understated bang. Maybe not the most universal method for social media success, but interesting nonetheless.

As Callum McCahon of born social points out, “ the top three fastest growing accounts are all news sources.” People use Twitter for the news, and “ this is where their strength clearly lies.” It’s something to consider when creating content for Twitter. Try using news and stories relative to your audience to get their attention. It can also make you look more like an expert in your field.

Trends are always changing, and you need to know what’s happening if you want to succeed. Need to know more about social media trends? Then read the full Twitter editorial and Fanpage editorial on our blog!

Or better yet, download the full Twitter report and Fanpage report!

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