Fanpage Trends UK September 2016

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The success stories of this month came about from being kindhearted. The most engaging post was made by Shell, of all profiles. Never having too many outstanding posts prior, they succeeded this month by posting a music video with numerous artists singing about unique ways to create and save energy. Their brand image surely got a boost from such a positive message and colorful video, especially considering they are an oil and gas company.

Everton Football Club had a much more heartwarming post, sharing that they donated £200,000 to helping Everton fan Bradley Lowery, a 5-year-old with neuroblastoma. It was the second most engaging post in September. Third Belonged to, who didn’t take such a high-road. They just posted a really funny meme relevant to their audience.

The social media moral from September’s Fanpage Trends? Success comes to those who are kind… or those who post dank memes.

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