Who Is Man’s Best Friend? [infographic]

Cats and dogs may not be at war, but they’re owners certainly are. Some people prefer dogs, some prefer cats, but most of both love to tell you how their favourite animal is the best. So we decided to end the never ending fight between cats and dogs by finding out which animal is more popular on social media. That also means finding the definitive answer for brands whether posting about dogs or cats is better for their success.

We at Sotrender, a social media marketing analytics company, teamed up with Pan Wizualny to spice up this analysis. We checked the popularity of dog and cat related hashtags on both Instagram and Twitter. For the former, we acquired data as of August 1st and for the latter we gathered data from the previous week. Additionally, we’ve presented the most liked and retweeted tweets from that period, so you’ll know what kind of pet content performs best.

What can you get from posting about the most popular animals? Well, the internet was made for two things: porn and cute animals. Which you’re probably aware of if you’ve been on the internet for more than a day. Posting about what’s popular is a great way to help leverage your brand. So you can add some posts with the more popular animal and expect some decent success. Unless it doesn’t fit with your brand image. Then please don’t. The world has seen too many companies failing at being fun and trendy, it doesn’t need another.

In terms of popularity on both Twitter and Instagram, dogs prevail. On Instagram you’ll find 13 million more posts tagged with #dog than ones with #cat. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? We checked the popularity of eight hashtags (four dog and four cat related) on Twitter, and the results say the same thing — people tweet more about dogs than about cats, which may be surprising, especially when we tell you that we ended our analysis in the wake of International Cat Day on August 8th.

Do you know what the most successful startups are called? Unicorns. It means that a startup is worth more than $1 billion. Just like the mythical creature, there’s not many of them (only 229 unicorn startups to date). We’re not a unicorn startup yet, but we checked if people tweet about these creatures. Apparently, they do it only when they see one. Over eight days, we counted over 22 thousand tweets tagged #cats, 56 thousand tagged #dogs, and just 47 tagged #unicorns. Not so many. Like in real life, they are ever elusive on social media.

However, the most liked tweet in the analysed period was a story of an orphaned cat. Oh, and I see all those cat people thinking “maybe cats are less popular, but are more loved”. Sorry to disappoint you, but the story is that this cat was raised by huskies and acts like a genuine dog.

See our beautiful infographic below!

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