After spending time in Seattle over the last ten years it’s apparent that bicycle culture has a…
Kent Marshall

I’ve been cycling almost daily in Seattle for the better part of 10 years, both for commuting and recreational purposes. Despite your blanket claim that as a cyclist, I am unable to critically think, or empathize with the public, I realize that the Broadway/2nd ave cycle tracks are useless boondoggles. But to lump those failed attempts in with the other cycle-related infrastructure that actually works (Burke-Gilman, Centennial Trail, hill-climb bike lanes, etc) and allows people to get from point A to point B without causing more traffic for YOU, seems very short-sighted.

Rather than lament about the loss of parking spaces and their replacement with yuppies riding Cervelo’s, I suggest you voice your opinion at city council meetings and other events where your opinion can make an impact. Once you’ve seen the spectrum of folks concerned with and promoting cycling in Seattle, I hope you’ll stop painting with such a broad brush and have some empathy of your own.

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