The Criticism More People Should Be Making About Donald Trump
Josh Michtom

I could not disagree more with this.

I am not a fan of Trump, in fact I am not even American.

But saying his success is based only on the fact that he is born rich is totally wrong and biased. He started with a million as a loan from his father (we sure, for most of us don’t have this chance) but he actually transform this million into billions which is pretty remarkable (using not so ethical way but legal ones, that’s what set us a part from the rich, we want to be ethical and not use the system we live in)

Try to compare Donald Trump oral skills to the average person you meet on the street and you will notice that he definitely is GOOD.

Concerning is racism and everything he is basically playing a role. He perfectly knows he can’t beat professional politician by playing the same game as they do. He HAS do be provocative and make bold statements. For the rest, he is like most super rich, he genuinely hate poors.

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