Don’t ask what your customer wants !

Understand what he needs!

First of all this is my second article I write, my articles are short full of mistakes with few key ideas translating what I truly think (like scrambled eggs).

Now let’s get ideas flying around !

Everything you see here is DATA, DATA and DATA. Marketing managers love DATA, they dream DATA, they live by DATA and they will die by DATA !

Almost every company is now “investing” a lot to know better the consumer behaviour, they do a lot of market research to know what a customer “needs”. If a marketing manager follows blindly this DATA as holy information sooner or later he will bring the sales to a pitfall;

If the DATA shows people visit blue websites, the marketer will most likely change the website’s color to blue. If the DATA shows people eat vanilla donuts the morning, the company will most likely start making vanilla donuts the next morning. Thus ( it sounds fancy ) the company is no longer leading but rather following the market. When the company is leading it doesn’t look behind her, when it is following it is always looking left and right to what competitors are doing and sooner or later someone else is gonna be faster !

The Data don’t follow, it understand !… YODA SPILL THE BEANS !

Alright, you want the beans; here are the beans : I invoke my secret pokemon level 40 : Henry Ford ( sorry Pikachu )

Henry Ford once said -on why he did no market research- before launching his first ever car: if I had asked them what they wanted they would have said faster horses.
Why would they say “faster horses” ? Because a man’s brain who only knew horses can’t create an idea of a box on wheels, BUT he knows he wants a faster horse and if we decrypt his idea: it means a FASTER way of communication.
This is Ford’s example, here’s my own: if you ask people in 1950 what they wanted in relation to their phones, they might’ve said : I want an other phone on the bus on my way to work, an other one at work an other one where I take lunch etc ; and every phone with the same number. Decrypted it means they need a way of communicating with people wherever they are. AbraCadabra : it’s the Mobile phone.
If the customer says he wants a “stronger coffee” you give him a redbull :)

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