How you define success, defines your life !

If you are a fish, stop wasting your time trying to be a monkey !

I am Soufiane, and I like bold introductions. Therefore let me tell you right now : You are NOT the next Steve Jobs.
 You want to know why you’re not the next Steve Jobs ? Easy, you are not Steve Jobs, you are not Bill Gates, you’re not whoever you want to be. You are YOU !
What is most important, is you might not be meant for the dream you’re trying to reach, because your entire life you’ve been influenced by everything you see and hear.

You’ve been watching Suits, MadMen and Billions that you’re trying to wear the same outfit as Harvey Specter, talk like Don Draper and get rich like Bobby Axe. You’ve been reading too much Entrepreneur that your dream is to be the next Steve Jobs. They defined success for you.

My friend, you must have your own vision of success that must stand on one unique value : The impact on other’s life.

Allan Poe, Da Vinci , Nieztche ,Sartre, Newton, Einstein, Avarroes, Pluto, Hugo, Voltaire, Marx, Adam Smith, Tolstoi, Rûmi, Camus, Kafka, Michael Angelo, Van Gogh, Picasso and the list is so long of succeful individuals who did not follow the money but followed what they believe brings value to humanity.

Do you really think that we would have Mona Lisa if Da Vinci dreamed of a palace ? Do you really think that we would understand how the universe works if Einstein dreamed of owning a Yacht ? Do you really think we would have Romeo and Juliette if Shakespeare’s only concern was full theaters ? Do you really think that Steve Jobs would’ve made it if he tought a lot more about money than Design ?

My friend, success is not about finding a goldmine, it’s about making this world a better place for at least one person.

When you’ll think deeply about what I’ve told you, you might discover what you are really meant for :instead of willing to own a company maybe you’ll find the cure for HIV or make the greatest play ever !

As Steve Jobs himself said :

“your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”

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