To all motivational speakers : Shut up !

During the last few years we could all agree that there was an incredible increase in motivational videos, speeches, books, seminar… etc.
Just search the keyword : motivation on Youtube and you’d find videos with millions of views and channels like “Be Inspired-Daily motivation” has 151,984.
Search for the keyword: motivation again on Amazon and you’d fine hundreds and thousands of books claiming to make you a “successful” person.

These “snake oil cons” tell you stories about Steve Jobs Bill gates Edison and all the great minds and entrepreneurs of all time, they tell you how these guys fought the unbeatable foe, and WON. They tell you stories about determination and how they slept only 4 hours or whatever before they reach the summit. It’s all true, BUT these examples are the exception not the f-ing rule of success. ( try to read the next line like David Attenborough from planet earth; funny ) this phenomenon is called :Survivorship bias.

Here’s what Wikipedia says :Survivorship bias or survival bias is the logical error of concentrating on the people or things that made it past some selection process and overlooking those that did not, typically because of their lack of visibility. This can lead to false conclusions in several different ways. It is a form of selection bias.
 Whether it be movie stars, or athletes, or musicians, or CEOs of multibillion-dollar corporations who dropped out of school, popular media often tells the story of the determined individual who pursues their dreams and beats the odds. There is much less focus on the many people that may be similarly skilled and determined but fail to ever find success because of factors beyond their control or other (seemingly) random events.This creates a false public perception that anyone can achieve great things if they have the ability and make the effort. The overwhelming majority of failures are not visible to the public eye, and only those who survive the selective pressures of their competitive environment are seen regularly.”

If you want to succeed, you must accept for a fact that you will most likely fail, that you’ll cry your eyes out and be socialy named : a loser. You should know that those successful guys and women were not in for fame, money… they were in for the adventure they are “gamblers” they love taking risks they prefer the journey more than the arrival, if you want to get a better hang of their mentality you’d better watch the movie : the gambler. ( pretty dope )
Remember : For every success story, there are a thousand others who failed.

P.S: I’ve tried many things and failed… and I’m still trying because why the hell would I want to play it safe if the house always win unless you go all in .

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