What will be the consequences of big tech growing moral failures?

The fablab “La Casemate” after it was destroyed by the group of Grenoble

People don’t throw rocks on the Google buses anymore. Those were the good old times.

On Tuesday, La Casemate, a fablab based in Grenoble was vandalized and burned because it was described as “a notoriously harmful institution by its diffusion of digital culture”.

The public policy of supporting the digital…

The ARCEP - the French Telecom Regulator - released its first “State Of The Internet” report, and it fears for Net Neutrality in Europe and elsewhere

I have been interviewed by the ARCEP, the French Telecom Regulator, on the impact of the increased balkanization of apps and devices on Net Neutrality, or to be more precise, on interoperability and interconnectivity for users.

The problem is simple.

In 2011, Cory Doctorow declared at the Chaos Computer Club:

… or the truth behind titles such as “How to function on only 4 hours of sleep”

The religion of productivity has its limits and one dubious claim is that people should be proud to sleep less. It’s somehow supposed to demonstrate that they are more productive than most. Marissa Mayer likes to repeat that she sleeps 4 to 6 hours a day. …

Jean-Baptiste Soufron

A Lawyer in Paris, and a former General Secretary of the French National Digital Council, I work in tech, media, public policy. These opinions are my own.

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