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I find it interesting how racism is only a white behavior and void in the Asian community or any non white community. I can’t say at all what is real or not real this Georgia community but I have lived on the border of Cupertino. Silicon Valley as a whole is a lot less white than it was a decade ago or many decades ago and racial tensions here are rather minimal. I find it laughable to suggest that the overwhelming Asian community in Cupertino has felt shock and horror that white people moved, they along with many others would initiate bidding wars to obtain housing in the school districts and to shape things in the area to their liking. Things in Cupertino are now as the current residents have shaped them, both in the schools and with local businesses. What I have seen are non white families moving out of areas that have Hispanic populations or any place where the school scores are not high enough. Something that parents discuss openly…..non white parents. Where this article fails is that racism, class divide, and people fleeing from or moving to are not behaviors relegated only to whites, it cuts across all of the groups mentioned.

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