Lead With Me

What I want for you.

I want you to be happy.

To learn.

To grow.

To be your best.

I’m for you.

I want to help overcome your struggles.

Heal your hurts.

I want you to feel cared for.


That you belong here.

That we need you.

That this is worth doing.

I want more than getting things done.

Checking off the list.

Meeting the objectives.

Moving up the ladder.

Pleasing the boss.

I want to serve you.

Know you.

Laugh with you.

Talk to you.

Share life with you.

We’re on this journey together.

Work is part of life.

Let’s make it better.

Am I crazy?

Maybe I am.

But I want more out of my short years.

More out of this process of earning a living.

I don’t want a work life.

And the rest of my life.

I want it all.

The whole story.

I’m tired of getting by.

Working for a living.

Leading like it’s a job.

I want to lead like it’s a mission.

Like it matters.

I want to feel it.

Not just do it.

I just hope you’ll believe me.

Open your mind.

Share your heart.

And join me in the dream.

To make this real.

To make it better.

To give ourselves to each other.

For each other.

Even when the work is hard.

And it feels like a grind.

The connections can fill our heart.

And brighten our days.

Give us something to hold on to.

Something to work for.

Something better.

Lead with me.

Originally published at soul2work.com on August 31, 2016.

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