My Resolution to Realize How Good Things Really Are

“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to realize how good things really are.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Like most people I take the end of the year to examine what has come before.

To consider my life.

Or reconsider my life.

Painfully aware of the gaps.

Resolving to do better,

I set goals.

Make promises.

Write them down.

Make a plan.

Things I want to do.

The person I want to be.

Year after year.

But this year,

I’m opting out,

Or, at least, opting differently.

I realized that in always reaching out for something else,

To be somewhere else,

To be someone else,

To do something else,

I’ve missed being grateful for what’s already here.

Never allowed myself to feel I was enough.

Just as I am.

That life is pretty awesome.

Just as it is.

That I can be special.

Without trying to be special.

Doing the best I can.

Where I am.

Until the next door opens.

To just take it one day at a time,

To appreciate what this day has to teach me,

To love the people in my life,

And just take it all in.

To stop chasing an image of who I should be,

In the mind of some expert or marketing campaign.

To stop trying to meet someone else’s standard of success,

Or a meaningful life.

I want to celebrate my life as it is.

To appreciate where I am,

And that where I am, while not perfect,

Is pretty amazing.

To let change happen naturally,

In the process of living.

A resolution to accept that enough,

Is enough.

Surrendered to the idea,

That right here,

Right now,

That living in the miracle that is this moment,

Is all I need.

Happy New Year.

Originally published at on December 31, 2015.

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