Suffocating in Liberty

In the land of the free
and the home of the brave
we are drowning 
in anger and disrespect,
infighting and hostility,
amid the raucous and defensive 
discord that prevails,
and it’s nearly impossible to stay 
afloat in the fury.

Somewhere along the way
humanity and compassion and kindness
were aborted
and supplanted by
acrimony and hatred and judgment.

We scorn and begin spewing 
our verbal venom full of stings
when we hear arguments 
to the contrary,
reducing fellow humans
to a minuscule piece of matter
that does not matter.

We are being held ransom
by those we should have faith in,
who quietly shout 
and reveal their true colors
through their ominously gray
chameleon skin.

Their songs of promise
sing lies
and cavalier insinuations,
mocking us unaware.

We are drowning in discourse,
with nowhere to look
for hope 
as we yearn for rescue.

My country ’tis of thee,
 from every mountainside,
 let animosity ring
 as we slowly