What coin is SNFT?

The full English name of SNFT coin is SOUL NFT, and the current maximum supply is 1 billion. SNFT is the token of BinanceSmartChain and has many impressive functions. This is a token designed with a black hole, which can greatly reduce the total supply in circulation. SNFT combines it with the innovative automatic clearing function, which can quickly increase the liquidity of tokens. Finally, SNFT has a large-scale decentralized scale, which is rare among other tokens. Combine these three together and you will get a symbol of power, except for the entire community.

The SNFT protocol provides a simple solution: all coins can be put into your wallet and are 100% decentralized; automatic yield farming, no complicated asset matching liquidity and the risk of unfixed losses.

SNFT is a high-yield frictionless token. There is a 3% tax on each transaction: 2% is locked in liquid funds; 1% is allocated to SNFT holders in proportion to the SNFT holdings.
The black hole has more than 50% of its supply when it is launched. The black hole is considered as one of the wallet holders to which 2% of the transaction is allocated. This leads to exponential growth of black holes and exponential growth in the supply of tokens.

SNFT has an innovative NFT mechanism, in which you can mortgage SNFT tokens or partner tokens to earn beautiful NFTs! When you delegate your tokens, you will earn points, which can be used to select the NFT you want. Over time, there will be more NFT uploads, including tons from our partners! Therefore, a good idea is to start betting on your tokens immediately and start earning points. As we establish a new partnership, you can also earn NFT from different Binance smart chain coins that you may hold.

The NFT server farm is a page on which you can invest SNFT or partner tokens, and then earn points that can be used to purchase NFT. All you have to do is to be on the correct SmartChain network, and then choose the number of tokens you want to invest. There is also a handy guide on the NFT Farm homepage that can provide you with further assistance.



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