The politics of script classification in the global Type Design industry

Let’s imagine an alternate universe where Arabs had invented the printing press, led the global information technology revolution and were the first to develop and export digital fonts to the rest of the world.

The hypothetical world’s leading Arabic type foundry has now taken upon itself the responsibility of elevating the standards of global typography. I, as the head of the Arabic Type Design team, was tasked to launch and supervise our non-Arabic Type department. …

‘Arabic for Designers’

Should designers learn web development?

Talks about learning to code have been widely circulating, among friends and colleagues and across industries. As a graphic designer with a print design background, I’ve had to relentlessly adapt my skills in the past seven years, as I was experiencing the digital shift, from print to screen, and witnessing its impact on visual communications. But never have I taken the idea of coding seriously. The main reason was my ignorance and consequent fear of this cryptic field that only a select group of ‘uncreative techies’ understand.

But once I challenged that…

Soulaf Khalifeh

Designer | INSEAD MBA Candidate | Critical Thinker

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