Healthy Body And Mind For Stronger Leaning Abilitys

Let’s look at keeping yourself in top condition to learn better and absorb that information. Your body and brain work in harmony so keeping both in top condition is what is needed to get the information flowing into your brain in the best way. This what my blog is about today.

If you love smoothies as much as I do, you’re probably aware that the best smoothies go beyond throwing some fruits and vegetables into a blender. Making the perfect smoothie comes with a little bit of thought and preparation so as to get the right amount of sweetness and consistency. Here’s some tips to help you getting your smoothie just right anytime you desire a nutritious and healthy option.

Use Unique Fruits and Vegetables: I like to experiment lots of different ingredients when making my smoothies. Of course, I try to imagine what the combination would taste like, but the bottom line is that using unique fruits and vegetables help you get a variety of nutrients as well as health benefits from varying components. I look for different fruits that are in season and try to incorporate them into my smoothies as best I can.

Fresh All the Way: For a truly healthy and nutritious smoothie, fresher is always better. It’s all in the ingredients, so try not to add fruits from a can. Use organic ingredients whenever you can, and juice your fruits and as often as possible.

Get The Proportions Right: This is key to making the perfect smoothie. Preferences differ, and some like a slightly thicker consistency while others prefer a juice-like smoothie. While personal preference is important, there are a few staple ideas that you should always remember:

It’s important to get the right ratio. The more liquid you add, the more watery your smoothie will be, but for a thicker consistency, you need less liquid ingredients.

Pay attention to the base of your smoothie which gives that creamy texture. Fruits such as banana, mango, and peach are smoothie bases that provide the thickest consistency.

For a liquid base, I usually recommend water-rich fruits (like watermelon and pineapple) or any nutritious milk of choice.

Get Adventurous: Making a nutritious smoothie doesn’t have to be a dull activity — you can get adventurous by adding spices like cinnamon and ginger for maximum flavor! Some like it more flavorful than others, so tailor these ingredients to meet your desired taste.

‘’You can always boost your smoothie by adding protein powder or highly nutritious superfoods for maximum nourishment. You can even make a smoothie that’s an entire meal itself!’’ — 
the expert nutritionist at Best 5 Supplements

Adding Your Fruits and Veggies: I often get asked if I freeze my fruits or not. As a matter of convenience, and for the sake of getting my smoothie instantly chilled once blended, freezing fruit beforehand is a great idea. It also helps the fruit to retain their flavor and nutritional value.

If you decide not to freeze, it means that you may have to use ice if you want to drink your smoothie instantly. While this is not a problem, it’s important to remember that too much ice may alter the consistency of your smoothie. On the other hand, it helps keep your smoothie frosty, adding more volume.

When it comes to greens and veggies, you can switch it up and make a strictly green smoothie using dandelion greens or spinach, or go for a fruit and vegetable combination.

To Sweeten or Not to Sweeten: A good number of smoothie recipes contain fruits that are sweet enough that you won’t need to add additional sweeteners. However, if you’d like a sweeter taste, skip the sugar and add natural sweeteners like dates, honey, or agave.

Blend and Enjoy: You may need to start blending on a low speed before you progressively increase. The blending time technically should depend on the texture you’re aiming for, whether you like your smoothie completely smooth or lumpy.

Enjoy your healthy, fresh smoothie!

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