Throw Some Inspiration at the Wall and See What Sticks.

So now I’m making jewelry! Yay!

How does one make jewelry? How does one make jewelry that looks good? And more importantly, how does one make jewelry that looks good, while only spending a minimal amount of money, until one decides this is something one wishes to continue doing? Answer: one googles.

I googled ‘beach pebble jewelry’. I googled ‘natural stone jewelry’. I googled ‘wire wrapped tutorials’. I googled ‘how to drill holes in rocks’. I lost track of the amount of things I googled.

And I wanted to make them all. I had tabs, upon tabs, upon tabs open. I had visions of setting up a workshop, of soldering and electroplating, of drills and dremels. I could imagine spending long afternoons, music blasting and creative vibes flowing. And then of course, came the lip-pouting realisation that I’m in Canada, temporarily, and workshops are not easily transportable. I needed to rein it in.

So I closed many of my tabs. I pushed my imaginings into the realm of the future. And I decided on wire.

DIY stone pendants by Boat People Boutique, Black Beach Pebble Pendant by LazyDaisyGB, Heart Necklace by RisingSunStudio

Working with wire enabled me to create complete pieces of jewelry without needing to use specialised tools or equipment. And I knew that if I was going to stick with jewelry-making, I needed to be able to see the end result. And see it I have…

Beach Pebble Pendants by SoulAndStoneStudio