I love her

I love her.

Not for the structure of her face nor the perfect arch of her brows.

But for the way her face morphs to hundreds of expressions. I love her for the way her nose scrunches when she thinks. For the way she wiggles her brows when she’s in a playful mood and most of all for the way she wears her heart on her sleeves. No pretense, no hiding.

Just real.

Just honest.

Just her.

I love her.

Not for her glorious hair nor for the curves of her body.

But for the universe trapped inside her mind that bursts every time she speaks. I love her for the light in her eyes when she talks about the things that she loves, for the uncoordinated way her limbs flail when she dances.

The small things.

I love all the little things about her.

I love her.

Maybe not for forever but I will love her for every second of every single day for the rest of my life til the day I will heave my last breath and even until then, the last words I will utter is that,

“I love her.”

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