Raisin a Grape or Becoming a Raisin

It’s all about development, loveys!

We become raisins when we allow the pains of our journey through life to dry out our tears —

Leaving behind only sweet memories for the sole purpose of telling, “once upon a time” tales.

The greatest agony we commit on ourselves is allowing our pains to harden us up.

It is not reactive to the experience or growth as an individual, but it is because we trick ourselves…

Believing that we are only tools to be used endlessly by people who leave the residue of pain which causes us to weep and fall into our woes.

We shrivel up from fear.

We want to be plump and sweet.

Like grapes.

Happy and prosperous.

Like children.


Like the little boy or girl.

And they’re swinging on…

Swinging on…

Swing on and the swing set is now gone.

And when the swing is nothing more than a fading memory —

When we allowed so many dark emotions to leave us —

Only so to smile but to do so bitterly —

We become raisins unnaturally.

Unnaturally, it is ghastly.

But unnaturally, when we can keep the unsightly at bay —

We will always keep our sweetness fresh and crystalline.

Our lives will be more than half full glasses; more than bittersweet, faded memories.

A NOTE: A suggestion to the reader, try to read this backwards (last line first) and see what you get from it, if anything at all. I found it to be pretty interesting.

And share, share, share! Comment, comment, comment! :) I always am open to read what you all thought in regards to what I wrote.

Copyright © 2016 Brittney Gyles

All Rights Reserved

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