Lately, we’ve been on a quest for better snacks that are easily made and portable while also lending to some healthy self-serving independence for the kids!

In making our own Almond Milk, we have realized the freezer will soon be overflowing with bags of Almond Pulp unless we use it somehow! Enter Raw Bites!!

Friday night, my mom and Lola whipped up some Almond Chocolate Chip Bites that were reminiscent of cookie dough. These were delicious and gobbled up directly off of the plate from the fridge. …

This subject has never been much of a favorite for me…in school as a kid I packed my own since my mom wasn’t a fan either (must be genetic!) I was the Queen of odd combos! Salami and cheese and potato chips with a pickle. Chips and dip. Cottage cheese, potato chips, and pickles. The list goes on…

When I was working it was easier to bring a lunch than go get one (odd hours or short lunch) so I resorted to hummus and chips or carrots, or eating cold meals from home. So now thinking of planning and packing…

Kids and toys. In this fast paced day of technology and Apple iPads and iPods, it is good to encourage kids to play and learn through something other than an electronic device with a screen. Over the years, aside from plain not wanting the junk and clutter of tons of toys, I have focused more towards imaginative toys that will also grow with my girls. Toy rotation has also been a big key to making sure that toys stay exciting and fun for your kiddos.

Here are some great ideas to equip your kids toy area:

Peg Dolls -There are…

Sooo…we came upon this really great product by Spectrum Essentials called ‘Ground Flaxseed with Mixed Berries’ and it’s not only a great source of Omega 3 but is also really delish!

Between the fiber content that is essential for your digestive tract and the berries known for their antioxidant properties we are in heaven!

So one can imagine how bummed we were when our local health shop ceased to carry it! We decided to get creative and come up with our own versatile version.

Purchase one bag each (ours weighed just over 1 oz per) of freeze dried raspberries and…

Awhile ago my mom was shopping and came across this butter maker shaker jar. She bought it thinking it’d be something neat to do with Lola (6yr old). It takes a tad of planning ahead as the cream will need to come to room temperature but it’s so worth it! Who knew that it was going to be so cool and WE would be slightly obsessed with it?!?!

Items needed:

Chef’n Butter maker ( )

Heavy whipping cream, organic


Here is what you do:

Go get yourself some whipping cream.

Go get yourself one of these butter makers.

Having seen some of the noodle bowl in a jar recipes floating around, we thought to do a family style one for lunch! It was quick, easy, delicious, and doubly kid approved! We made this recipe mild and simple to test out on the kids so feel free to spice it up and get adventurous for a quick and delicious adult meal or date night in!

First, set your water to boil and cover the pan.

Take your rice noodles and break (or cut) the block in half for easier submersion later, add them to an 8 cup mixing bowl…

Lifestyle. Food. Cooking. Books. Homeschooling. Health. Family. Art. And pretty much any other inspiring, positive, and fun ideas or projects we come up with will be the focus of this blog.

As a mom of two young girls and wife to a bearded techie and gym-rat I am always looking to make simple and quick yet healthy and hearty meals to satisfy all of the different tastes in our family! I am currently homeschooling our girls (preschool and 1st grade), balancing errands, life, activities, lessons, and keeping it all creative.

For the time being this blog will be home to me (@thesoulfulcarrot) and my mom, Gin (@reinventionville), so keep your eyes peeled for some fun collaborative posts!


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