Lately, we’ve been on a quest for better snacks that are easily made and portable while also lending to some healthy self-serving independence for the kids!

In making our own Almond Milk, we have realized the freezer will soon be overflowing with bags of Almond Pulp unless we use it…

This subject has never been much of a favorite for me…in school as a kid I packed my own since my mom wasn’t a fan either (must be genetic!) I was the Queen of odd combos! Salami and cheese and potato chips with a pickle. Chips and dip. Cottage cheese…

Lifestyle. Food. Cooking. Books. Homeschooling. Health. Family. Art. And pretty much any other inspiring, positive, and fun ideas or projects we come up with will be the focus of this blog.

As a mom of two young girls and wife to a bearded techie and gym-rat I am always looking to make simple and quick yet healthy and hearty meals to satisfy all of the different tastes in our family! I am currently homeschooling our girls (preschool and 1st grade), balancing errands, life, activities, lessons, and keeping it all creative.

For the time being this blog will be home to me (@thesoulfulcarrot) and my mom, Gin (@reinventionville), so keep your eyes peeled for some fun collaborative posts!


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