it’s a niche you are after here is why

Identifying your marketable niche is one of the crucial steps in developing yourself as an entrepreneur.

With my background in the electrical field I’ll explain what I mean in terms I can readily explain.

I’m sure that this analogy will be received with clear comprehension if I break it down in the following way to be then picked up and easily digested by you should you care to do so..

As follows:

Let’s say you want to go into “construction.” That’s a mouthful. The term ‘construction’ covers a lot of ground. Thousands of codes, endless numbers of specialty skills, and materials. A list of options seemingly endless. You can’t just ‘be’ in construction and “know all things” pertaining to it.

You’ve got to specialize to get good at something, at least in the beginning..

Some construction specialization examples are: electrician, plumber, welder, structural engineer, framer, etc., etc.

Equally important, but impossible for any one individual to know them all.

In marketing, it’s the same thing.

What will be your specialty, or “niche” (as people ‘luv’ to say these days)?

The brighter you are on this simple but critical decision the clearer your path becomes.

The clearer the vision you have for yourself, of less time you will spend on exercises that are irrelevant to your outcome.

Using myself as an example, I chose writing “email-copy-content” as my entrepreneurial marketing “trade.” “Lifestyle-Design, Entrepreneurial-Mindset” my niche within the field of writing.

That’s what all I study.

And it’s all I write.

For now anyway..

If you need a writer look me up, I’ve got one or two slots open.