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I think there is one more really important thing to understand in these situations. Women want a confident, secure, self-assured man, who isn’t afraid of losing her and is sure of himself in the relationship and his value to the woman. It’s important to realize that the flip side of men and their innate desires to get the best looking women is that women have an innate desire to secure the highest quality, most confident and self-assured men. And some of them will give up on a man who doesn’t fit that bill if they feel like they can do better. The best way to keep a high quality woman is not about learning to trust her, but to learn how to work through your anxiety and fear, get to the root of it and get over it, and be that strong confident man for her. By fearing any aspect of the relationship, you will send signals that you’re not that man. Even if by all other measures and in all other aspects of your life, you are.

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