Matt, never be afraid of being genuine.
Lon Shapiro

Thanks for the insight and encouragement, I’m appreciative of your time and effort. I don’t believe my fears would have prevented me from writing in the long run. It was more of an acknowledgement of the resistance I initially felt after reading some of these pieces (including the one written by Henry that you called out, which is the one that actually prompted me to write this), and the realization that if I was feeling this resistance, that others surely must be feeling it too.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t let something like this stop me though. The way I’m living now is to directly confront my fears head on. But I’m also someone who’s motivated to think about others and want to help them if they get stuck. Shortly after I wrote this, I saw a comment in my feed that gave me the little push I needed to feel ok with this sense of vulnerability I was feeling.

Also, thanks for the reading recommendation. I’ve also gone through some traumatic times, and I identified with her perspective deeply. The one post I have written was an allusion to what I experienced, but more about how I found my way out. And that method was by using a to-do list. I intend to write about my experiences and speak from a place of raw emotional honesty, but I also want to inspire, encourage, and help other people who are struggling. And, in part, the way I intend to do that is to share the methods, tools, and practices I’ve used that have helped me get my life together and to come back from the depths I used to exist in.

I fear that what I intend to write could easily be construed as fluffy self help though, and that’s where my resistance comes from. FWIW, I don’t agree with all the backlash specifically targeted at Jon. I don’t think he is the real enemy here. I personally think he has useful advice to offer, and writes well. But still he’s interpreted as being a bullshit artist. So that’s where I was coming from when I wrote my comment. It’s all a matter of subjective interpretation, and who has the proper credentials to know when something is bullshit or has real meaning and value? Different people are going to have different answers to that.

But the key takeaway is that I’m going to write, regardless. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I’ve been putting it off for far too long.

Thanks again. And I’ll be following and reading some of your posts in the future.

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