Tryst with The Moon

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The night sky was bright and blue,

Filled with stars that I never knew.

I watched the night scenery in awe,

confessing things I’ve always kept.

Sneaking at night, staying on the swing,

there, I would talk endlessly to him.

I always thought I was alone,

but I forgot him shining along.

Days and days, I feel the summer heat.

Always the same, that, I thirst; felt defeat.

At night, I would not expect,

the same light and darkness felt.

Night. Every night. The shape changes.

Like people on Earth, it sometimes show its edges.

I like to see him change every night,

for there are times that I could hide.

I speak about my dreams.

And there was he, shining.

Unpredictable yet I’m loving him; all that he.

Its dim light was enough for me.

Sneaking at night, If I must, I’d do.

If it’s the only way, I should, too.

Is it a crime to have tryst with the moon?

Yes or no? I wouldn’t care too.

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