Your Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul

And they can help you regulate and manipulate yourself.

The trick is not in the eyes as such, but in the muscles around them.

When you are uninvolved or passive, the muscles around your eyes are relaxed. So your pupils are constricted.

But when you are involved or active, the muscles around your eyes are flexed. So your pupils are dilated.

Studies have shown that the degree of pupil dilation is co-related with the degree of mental effort. So if you are thinking hard or if you are deeply involved in something, your pupils dilate more. But when you are relatively relaxed, your pupils constrict in proportion.

So the muscles around your eyes present you with a simple way to gauge and regulate your mood. You can do it right now — let the muscles around your eyes relax. Combine this with slow, deep breathing. And you’ll find yourself moving into a more relaxed state.

This is the best indicator of your stress levels, and the best regulator too.

Use it often. Tell your friends about it. Spread the word!