Happy New Year from the UK and this Soul Sister

I won’t be sorry to see 2016 go away, it’s been a difficult year for many people, but we all have muddled though and come out the better. The Brexit vote has turned out to be a blessing, Apple and Google are bringing in thousands of jobs. Some are still unhinged over the entire thought, but it’s best, no doubt for the majority of us. It has divided us however, just as the election in the US has divided the people there.

We have watched the US election process develop and it has been eye opening. Hatred is still abound and humanity is split in 2. Neither want to compromise, just as in the UK, 50% liberal and 50% conservative, our countries mimic each other perfectly. No one wants to listen, just argue, it’s a popular past-time.

WHEN will people realise that this behaviour is a non starter? When will they realise that people can redeem themselves and the past is not always an indicator of the future? People change, they grow, they learn, they hit their low’s before they can attain their highs? When do we forgive and move forward?

Neighbour vs. Neighbour and even on Facebook people are de-friending their long time friends over their political views. It’s not unique to the UK, evidently as I talk to my fellow Soul Sisters who have experienced the same behaviour in the states. If you do not agree with someone now, you are banished from them unless you march to their drum.

I found it quite humorous when I saw that many comments about peoples “conscience” and not performing for the incoming president Donald Trump’s inauguration were made and I thought, where were they when others “conscience” was in question, about the Gay rights debate? Don’t mis-understand, I am fully in favour of Gay rights and marriage, however many people asked the question about whether or not a baker must serve a Gay couple, or if a person of faith must video tape a Gay wedding. Those questions were hailed as bigoted, the “conscience” was not in the scope of the debate. However, now, that the tables are turned . . . . . .well, I think you know the answer to that. As long as you agree with a person, all is well in their world, but disagree, you are persona non grata.

I pray that 2017 will bring in a good year for all, my fervent prayer is to listen to each other, but let each other have their opinion and just agree to disagree. Think before we speak, honour your friends and family. Don’t try to be the expert, be the listener, we might just learn something, and see things in another view. It’s not necessary to be right, state your opinion, and then listen to others without judgement.

Happy New Year to all.