My kids are in love with the movie Frozen, and the song “Let It Go”. This muse is exactly about that, Letting go. The lyrics say all there is to say:


So come on

Let it go, Just let it be

Why don’t you be you, and I’ll be me

How many of you can’t walk away from a fight? Do you seethe about a cause, or a behaviour, and make it rule your world and be argy-bargy? Is it worth your time away from your spouse, children, parents, loved ones, and friends especially if you can’t do anything constructive about the cause, only provide lip service? Are you willing to do anything to have your way? Must you have the last word for fear that someone will be “one up” on you?

Ask yourself why? Is your motive to be right, to be held in high esteem for your superior view on a subject? Can’t you agree to disagree and move on? Do you find yourself obsessed with making sure you tell others your opinion at holiday’s or elsewhere, therefore creating havoc to everyone there and making others uncomfortable? Can you let someone else state their opinion without coming back in a tirade telling that person they are wrong? What drives you to be angry and always have to be right?

As a Soul Sister, who has been there, I have learned that you MUST LET IT GO. No one wants to hear your opinion. A famous quote is “Opinions are like (insert obscenity of the lower posterior anatomy), everyone has one” I realized NO ONE CARES, but they LOVE to argue with you. They get off on it.

Family gatherings were a nightmare. All came to the party with boxing gloves on. We knew it was inevitable, and we knew who would start it. We also were aware who would join in as well as who would walk away. Those gatherings finally gave way to excuses of no shows, why: no one wanted the stress. Have you lost friends to these arguments, family? Was it worth it?

We argue with family about the way they parent. We argue with them about the way they spend their hard earned cash if we think it’s not the way WE would spend it, such as thinking “Are you taking a holiday when you have debt”? If you have adult children do you tell them how to live their lives daily? Are you a lecturer? Is it all about you and the fact that you are so brilliant that others cannot stand on an even plane with you? What about religion? Is your religious belief or non belief the only true honest thing? Must you trash someones beliefs to make yourself feel like a big shot? Do you insert yourself into something that is none of your business?

People argue just to argue, they can be so highly unpleasant and argumentative that you wonder about their sanity. I found myself shaking with anger over a chat room recently where we were calmly chatting about Brexit, here in the UK. A bloke on the No side for Brexit entered the conversation, uninvited and began calling us every name he could think of. Stupid cow, Twat, barmy, to name a few and other expletives that are not fit to print. He was not invited into our conversation but sure felt it was his right because it was a public forum and therefore his right to tell us how we should feel and vote.

While trying to ignore this person as best we could, we all realized how fast this being responded. The speed he reacted to comments that were being made, proved that he was sitting there salivating over the next dig or comment he would be able to make and then waiting like a spider to attack the next round of words to bury the people he was chatting with with his narcissistic wit. I realized then and there, it’s a driving need to be noticed and be the person, who has all the answers in life. I think they say in the states NEWS FLASH. No one cares about you or how you think, give it up.

They will claim, it’s about a belief or a cause but it is not. It’s a driving need to be the boss, to be the person, who is all knowing, au courant, the last word and the rest of the group are beneath him or her. Be it religion, politics, or some other obsession, it’s destructive and pointless. Again? WHO CARES what you think? Do you really believe that anyone is impressed? If you answer yes to that question, you are delusional.

LET IT GO, let live, move on, be a friend, find a hobby, volunteer, be appreciative of others opinions even when they differ from yours, but for heavens sake, respect others beliefs and LET IT GO!!