When The Whole World Is School
Bliss Broyard

Interesting! We’ve been pioneers in worldschooling and digital nomad living ( case studies in 4Hour WorkWeek and Art of Non-conformity) so sold everything in 2005 to travel the world and have found it the best possible education. My daughter was 5 when we started traveling the world — 10 years of non-stop travel to 48 countries with a piano and violin for her. She is fluent & literate as a native in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish thanks to our slow travel style & gives her endless opportunities to connect with the world as now she writes popular songs in all 3 of her languages. She graduated high school at 14 last summer and started college and has a 4.0 GPA. She just got a High Honors Award from Johns Hopkins University because she did better on the SAT test at 13 than 97% of High School seniors. She has given speeches to teachers in the UK and around the world about her unique education and won elocution contests in Asia in Mandarin. Her deep and unique experiences ( plus she plays 4 instruments) have made her an extraordinary songwriter/singer/musician/actress and she already has 2 of her original songs in 2 movies and starred in a dramatic lead in a film. By following her lead and raising her as a global citizen who can talk to over 75% of our planet in their native tongue, we can see so clearly now how that will aid her in her big goal of changing the world. Travel and worldschooling is a great combo!