Notes To A First Time Caregiver (Vol 1.3) : If Only They Knew …The Mundane Day to Day

Every day is a new chapter, every minute holds a new moment where anything is possible when you care for an adult parent. Thought I would share the mundane, its not cool, its not pretty, it doesn’t even smell nice at all…no will ever envy the job but they will always invoke blessings upon you. :)

The Mundane

Woke up…630am

Spent time to myself ….645am to 720am

My mom woke/needed help to the pot in her room…725am

Waited on her to finish 735am

Strapped on gloves, face cover to prevent seeing or smelling any waste…emptied , cleaned, deodorized and replaced pot 746am

Washed hands to help my mom …750am

Got my mother back in the bed, 752am

Time to myself again…755 to 950am

Caregiver arrived for the day…955am

Talked with caregiver….10am-10:10am

Went to living room feel asleep on couch …11am to 1130am

Went to bedroom napped until noon.

Came out, caregiver (unexpectedly for me) had to leave early for family stuff…1230pm

My mom had to go to the pot bad…111pm

Waited on her to get off pot/bathroom…till 120pm

Emptied pot/waste, cleaned, deodorized pot and room several times..helped my mom back into bed…until 135pm.

Time to myself 136pm… until my 3pm campus meeting. — — My life

======== Evening Later=======

(too tired to bother logging when I got home;crashed)